Leadership Team

Committed to excellence

Joe Gustafson

Founder & CEO

Joe is an experienced leader in the IT and technology-based training industry. Identifying a pressing need in how companies delivered product knowledge, training, and important business communications, Joe founded Brainshark in 1999 with a vision to create a way for a company's knowledge experts to accelerate the flow of information to their audiences in a highly effective format.

Greg Flynn


Co-founder and member of the leadership team since the company’s inception, Greg has been instrumental in building and solidifying Brainshark's reputation as a leading provider of sales enablement solutions and top-tier software-as-a-service organization. As company president, he is responsible for the direction and planning of all sales, marketing, services, product, engineering and IT functions.

Mike McEachern

Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Mike is responsible for managing and leading Brainshark’s accounting, finance and human resource operations, as well as maintaining the company's relationships with its investors, outside counsel and financing institutions. Mike joined Brainshark in 2000, and has more than 20 years of accounting and finance experience working with a range of businesses from startup entities to publicly traded companies.

Chet Barnard

Chief Revenue Officer & Senior Vice President, Business Development

Chet joined Brainshark in 2013 and brings more than 30 years of executive and company leadership in the high-tech market. He is responsible for managing and leading the company’s strategic business development partnerships with large branded companies. He has strong experience in the enterprise market and a passion for building strategic relationships that are both sustainable and economically viable for all parties.

Chris Caruso

Chief Technology Officer

Chris is responsible for the technical direction of Brainshark’s SaaS applications. A member of the engineering leadership team since the Version 1.0 release of the company’s flagship communications platform, Chris has been instrumental in the design and development of the company’s patented, award-winning web applications.

Diane Gordon

Chief Customer Officer

Diane is responsible for maximizing the value that customers get from Brainshark products and services as well as sales enablement. She joined Brainshark in 2013, bringing her extensive background in ensuring world-class customer experiences. Prior to joining Brainshark, Diane was Bullhorn’s Chief Customer Officer, where she was responsible for the implementation and support of Bullhorn’s enterprise SaaS staffing solution.

Joan Babinski

Vice President, Corporate Marketing

As a founder, Joan was instrumental in the launch of the company, the development of its brand, and the company's growth to its leading position as a provider of sales enablement solutions. Joan is responsible for driving programs and events to engage new and existing customers, working with press and analysts, and leading Brainshark’s own sales enablement function. Joan has an MBA from Babson College.

David Klein

Vice President, Product Management

David hails from the interactive media world, with more than 15 years of experience launching websites and businesses across the globe. Joining Brainshark in 2007, he leads Brainshark’s product strategy team – forging innovation across mobile, eLearning/mLearning and cloud-based landscapes. David also serves as President Emeritus of the Boston Product Management Association.