Live Training

Live online training will provide you the guidance to get started with Brainshark. The interactive sessions are offered multiple times each week, and cover a variety of Authoring and Administrative topics. These sessions are available to current Brainshark customers and partners.

Create a Presentation

If you are new to Brainshark On-Demand™, this session will walk you through uploading files, adding audio, setting commonly-used presentation settings and generating a presentation URL.

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Tuesday, 09/29/15 - 11:00 AM ET
Tuesday, 10/06/15 - 2:00 PM ET
Tuesday, 10/13/15 - 2:00 PM ET
Tuesday, 10/20/15 - 11:00 AM ET
Tuesday, 10/27/15 - 11:00 AM ET

Edit & Add Questions/Media

What if your presentation needs updating? Learn how to manage slides, change presentation settings, re-record audio, and add attachments/additional content types.

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Wednesday, 09/30/15 - 11:00 AM ET
Wednesday, 10/14/15 - 2:00 PM ET
Wednesday, 10/28/15 - 2:00 PM ET

Add Voice & Music

Audio is key in creating an engaging presentation. This class will cover the many ways of adding voice narration, background and full volume music and working with audio files.

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Thursday, 10/15/15 - 2:00 PM ET
Thursday, 10/29/15 - 11:00 AM ET

Animations Timing

Learn how to add animations, set the timing of the animations while recording or anytime afterwards and understand when to use “on-click” and “with/after previous” animation.

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Thursday, 10/01/15 - 2:00 PM ET
Thursday, 10/22/15 - 2:00 PM ET

Repurpose Presentation Content

If you need to repurpose existing slides or audio from one presentation to another, the ability to copy, personalize and merge can help you make the most of existing content.

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Friday, 10/02/15 - 2:00 PM ET
Friday, 10/16/15 - 11:00 AM ET
Friday, 10/30/15 - 11:00 AM ET

Share & Track

Now that it's time to get your communication out there, learn about the many ways you can share presentation URL’s and generate a wide range of analytics.

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Wednesday, 10/07/15 - 2:00 PM ET
Wednesday, 10/21/15 - 11:00 AM ET

Introduction to the Company Administrator Role (new)

If you’re new to the Company Administrator role, learn about “Administrative Powers” – what you can do that authors can’t. We will review organizing your site, how to measure results, access your account team, and find resources.

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Thursday, 10/08/15 - 11:00 AM ET

Presentation Best Practices

We all want our presentations to be as engaging as possible. This class will review the key best practices related to creating visuals, adding audio and incorporating Brainshark On-Demand™ features.

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Friday, 10/09/15 - 2:00 PM ET
Friday, 10/23/15 - 2:00 PM ET