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Quick How To: Set Animations in Brainshark

Submitted by: Katherine Kimball , Customer Success Representative, Brainshark, Inc.

October 21, 2011 01:34 PM

Animations help authors tell a story in a systematic manner, and serve as an engaging compliment to the message the audio conveys. By revealing content one point at a time, the audience can follow the speaker and not be distracted by a busy slide.  For assistance creating animations in power point, check out these tutorials for PowerPoint 2007 and for PowerPoint 2010. One of the most common questions asked of the Brainshark Support Team is, “Why aren’t my animations appea...

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Content Marketing at Brainshark and 10 Tips for Success

Submitted by: Andy Zimmerman , Chief Marketing Officer, Brainshark

October 19, 2011 02:06 PM

A topic of continued interest and importance for marketers these days is the challenge of creating and utilizing effective content to drive demand and enable sales. Many companies are finding themselves facing a “content crisis” with the need to create content – and enough of it – that truly rises above the noise.  At Brainshark, we have stared down this challenge over the past year or so, and with some focus, some process, and some wonderfully creative and produc...

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MMICNC Solves its Distance Learning Needs with Brainshark

Submitted by: Jason Horay , Health Promotion Coordinator, Medical Mutual Insurance Company of North Carolina

October 19, 2011 01:10 PM

Jason Horay, Health Promotion Coordinator at Medical Mutual Insurance Company (MMICNC) consults with independently-owned medical practices across North Carolina. He identifies where specific practices show big areas of healthcare spending and utilization and provides risk analysis based on plan utilization and claims data. Using Brainshark, Jason gives the practice administrators applicable data and a health program framework so they can implement new health promotion programs or enhance curren...

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The 5 Pillars of Lead Qualification

Submitted by: John H. Binda , Account Executive, Brainshark, Inc.

October 19, 2011 08:09 AM

I have been in technology sales for over 15 years, and have used a variety of sales methodologies.  They all have their strengths, and they all focus on establishing a proven process to ensure success.  This is very important, and I encourage everyone to find a solid sales methodology, and stick to it. The first step of most sales methodologies is "qualification". I would argue that after closing the deal, this is the second most important step in the process. It will be us...

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PowerPoint on the iPad? Enter SlideShark.

Submitted by: David Klein , Vice President of Product Management, Brainshark

October 18, 2011 02:39 AM

You just got issued your brand new iPad from work; the Marketing team has recently armed your team with some phenomenal PowerPoint slides; and you’re ready to succeed as the corporate road warrior.  Now to break out the ammunition:  Email app… check. Contact management app…check.  PowerPoint app… ouch! The native iPad PowerPoint viewer is extremely simplistic, and there’s nothing else available that will allow you to view and present you...

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