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Is Sales Pipeline a Leading Indicator or a Lagging Indicator?

Submitted by: Wendy Goeckel , Director of Sales Enablement, Brainshark Inc.

April 16, 2015 08:42 AM

Many companies classify pipeline as a leading indicator for success. But in some sales organizations, pipeline and forecast reviews are thought of as “storytime,” or wishful thinking on what might close this month or quarter. For these organizations, pipeline on its own is a lagging indicator, because it doesn’t accurately reflect reality or help drive better performance. It’s a look back at activity without confidence in the future. And that’s what lagging...

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How Do You Create a Learning Culture at Work?

Submitted by: Ann Lambert , Content & Social Media Marketing Manager, Brainshark

April 09, 2015 09:23 AM

So you want to create a learning culture at work, but you’re not sure how to go about it. First thing’s first. Assess your current situation: Are your employees spending their day on the road? Ensure learning is mobile-ready. Are they struggling to find time to attend live training sessions? Ensure learning is accessible on-demand. Are they zoning out and failing to retain key information? Ensure learning is relevant and interactive. Are they constantly working in the sam...

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20 Slides, 20 Seconds: The Art of Pecha Kucha

Submitted by: Guest Contributor

April 06, 2015 09:41 AM

This article was submitted by Ali Ernest, Business Solutions Analyst at Park National Bank. It amazes me sometimes the way that some of my coworkers go about creating a PowerPoint presentation, especially when the plan is to turn it into a Brainshark presentation with audio. It is not uncommon for someone to cram as many words as possible onto a slide, and then record the slide word for word. To be honest, if I’m required to sit through a word heavy Brainshark presentation, I simp...

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New Brainshark Feature – Link to Web Content!

Submitted by: Kristin Simonini , Senior Director of Product Management , Brainshark

March 26, 2015 09:24 AM

We recently announced the availability of a new feature making it easier for you to point to your content that lives outside of Brainshark. This might be useful to you if you are just getting started with Brainshark and have not yet had the opportunity to truly sharkify your content, or if you simply want to keep certain materials in their original location and not load them into your Brainshark site (think blog content, press releases, company web pages etc). When you create new content,...

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Projecting Content to Life: Rothko & Beam

Submitted by: Irwin Hipsman , Director of Customer Community, Brainshark

March 19, 2015 09:49 AM

It is not often that a business-focused blog starts off with an art review, but hold on for a few paragraphs. In the middle of this brutal Boston winter, I visited the newly-renovated Harvard Art Museum in Cambridge, MA. If you like to see art in a beautiful space, it is free on Saturday mornings. The highlights of the visit were the Rothko Murals, on display until July 2015. They were originally hung in 1961 in an undergraduate dining hall at Harvard (go figure). I know that Rothko woul...

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