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Quarry Creates Communications with Character... Literally

Submitted by: Richard Hill , Practice Lead Relationship Builder, Quarry

February 15, 2011 12:00 AM

This Brainshark – the “2011 Clearfield Canola Playbook” – was designed and developed by Quarry Integrated Communications for BASF Canada. Its purpose: to enable BASF Canada’s channel (retailers and seed partners) to quickly and easily come up to speed about the 2011 Clearfield Canola herbicide product line up, how to spot prospects representing the highest sales potential, and explore how to tackle common sales objections. To deliver this sales training message i...

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Tags: sales enablement, life sciences, manufacturing


Making Benefits Communications Special (and Spooky) at Ashland

Submitted by: Skip Burke , Communications Specialist, Ashland

February 12, 2011 12:00 AM

Brainshark allowed our Communications and Corporate Affairs team at Ashland to develop an interactive, innovative and fun holiday-themed approach to advertise our upcoming benefits changes to our U.S. employees. Rolling out a high-level overview on this subject can be pretty dry, and our team knew we needed our message to be animated and attention-grabbing to set it apart from all the other in-box clutter.  Brainshark proved to be the premier resource to make that happen. Developing our ...

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Tags: internal communications, manufacturing