myBrainshark Help & Training Resources

Getting Started
"Quick Tour" Demo of myBrainshark (4:17)
Quick demo of the key features and benefits of using myBrainshark for creating, sharing and tracking online video presentations.
Top Six Presentation Must-Do's for myBrainshark Authors (6:01)
Here are the Top 6 things every myBrainshark presentation needs! Implement these simple best practices and your content is off to a GREAT start!
Mock myBrainshark Presentation (3:49)
Sample presentation demonstrating numerous myBrainshark features including PowerPoint slides with animations; video slides; poll/survey question; voice-over PPT, PDF, URL/web page slides; background audio, phone-based audio, pre-recorded MP3 audio; attachments for download, and more.
Tips & Tricks
Adding Voice to Your Presentations (1:39)
Review the various options available for adding audio to your Brainshark presentations.
Using Animations in Your Presentations (3:30)
Learn how to add impact and visual engagement cues to your presentation via the use of Powerpoint animations.
Engage Your Viewers (a.k.a. "Setting the Hook") (1:53)
Before you can get them on the boat, you have to hook them! Here's how to create impact, value and engagement right from your first slide!
Creating a Call to Action! (1:03)
You've captured their interest, now it's time to get them to DO something of benefit to them and to you, via a call to action slide.
Using Tags, Categories and Descriptions (1:09)
Learn the best ways to make sure your content gets found and viewed on myBrainshark.
Adding Attachments to Your Presentations (2:35)
Enhance your presentation by adding documents, video, websites and more.
Using Live Hyperlinks in Your Presentations (2:15)
Your slides can be an interactive part of your presentation with the addition of hyperlinks.
Adding Background Audio to Your Presentations (4:27)
Use background audio (e.g. music or sound effects) to add polish and pizzazz to your presentations.
Using Questions - Polls & Surveys (2:10)
Go from presentations to conversations by using poll and survey questions. Engage your audience and collect their feedback.
Publish Your Presentations to YouTube (3:31)
Place a copy of your presentation as a video on YouTube so you can take advantage of the reach provided by the world's top video sharing site.
Additional Tips for myBrainshark Pro Users
myBrainshark Pro Walkthrough (4:52)
Highlights of the myBrainshark Pro and myBrainshark Pro Trainer, which allow you to apply privacy settings, track specific viewers, use advanced eLearning features, and more.
Lead Capture using a "Guestbook" (2:36)
Use a guestbook registration form in your presentations to collect leads or monitor participation.
Sample eLearning Course (4:49)
Sample course built using myBrainshark Pro Trainer demonstrating features such as test questions (randomized questions and answers), scoring, and certificate of completion.
Additional Tips for Learning Providers
Sell Your Content as a Learning Provider (4:09)
Learn about the Learning Provider program, which gives subject matter experts the opportunity to post Learning Content for sale or free on myBrainshark and participate in various promotional opportunities.
Creating a Great Free Presentation for Learning Providers (6:50)
Learn how good, free introductory presentations help you gain viewer mindshare while paving the way for deeper engagement and interaction with your intellectual property.
Linking, Embedding and Cross-Promotion for Learning Providers (6:25)
Learn how to use linking and embedding to make your presentations on myBrainshark an integral part of your overall marketing and cross-promotion strategies.

Additional Resources