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Ready to become a presentation guru? This collection of PowerPoint tips and resources will help you get there! Browse the links below for information on PowerPoint design, animations and more.

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PowerPoint Training

Use discount code PPT4BRAINSHARK to get 90% off a wide range of PowerPoint video tutorials.

PowerPoint on the iPad

PowerPoint on the iPad

See how you can view PowerPoint on the iPad the way it was meant to be seen with the SlideShark app from Brainshark.

PowerPoint Animation Templates

PowerPoint Animation Templates

These engaging PowerPoint animations are provided by our partners. Preview them here and download the ones you like!

PowerPoint Basics

10 PowerPoint Production Tricks from the Professionals

Learn to create your presentations faster with these expert PowerPoint tips from the folks at eSlide.

How to Create a PowerPoint Template

Find best practices for designing professional slide templates for more consistent presentations.

4 PowerPoint Tips that Can Change Your Life

Brainshark's Marit Fratelli shares a few simple PowerPoint tricks that have made her job easier (and might work for you too).

PowerPoint Design

5 Simple Rules for Designing Great Presentations

Ready to create “world-changing” presentations? Nancy Duarte shares five PowerPoint tips that can help.

3 PowerPoint Tips for Professional Looking Slides

Poor PowerPoint design can make your slides look sloppy and distracting. These simple tips will help.

What Are the Best PowerPoint Fonts for Killer Presentations?

Bad font decisions can ruin your slides. Check out these tips for choosing the best PowerPoint font types and sizes.

Why the Best PowerPoint Colors Have CONTRAST

See why contrast is perhaps the most important element to consider when choosing colors for your slides.

Working with Graphics in PowerPoint: 4 Simple Tips to Try

PowerPoint provides lots of tools for creating more engaging images and graphics. Learn more here.

5 PowerPoint Image Placement Tips: How to Be Exact

If you often work with images in PowerPoint, these five tips that could make your job a lot easier – and faster!

PowerPoint Animations

PowerPoint Animation Tips: Dos and Don'ts

With PowerPoint, sometimes less is more. Check out these best practices for creating simple yet effective animations.

Advanced PowerPoint Animations (and Pitfalls to Avoid)

Take your PowerPoint animation skills to the next level with this expert advice from the folks at BrightCarbon.

3D PowerPoint Animations: Getting the Illusion to Work

Want to really make your PowerPoint pop off the screen? Check out this new method for getting your animations to perform in 3D!

PowerPoint Animation Videos

Check out this collection of videos from PowerPoint Spice featuring “cool tips to spice up your presentations."

Making the Most of Your PowerPoint Presentations

Did you know that 73% of Brainshark presentations contain at least one animation? Here you'll find simple tips for using them effectively.

PowerPoint Animation Tutorials

Presentation-Process.com has developed a free library of how-to animation tutorials covering more than 20 effects.

More PowerPoint Tips & Resources

PowerPoint University Webinars

Improve your PowerPoint skills in a hurry with this on-demand webinar series, covering a myriad of tips and topics.

What Do People REALLY Remember from your Presentation?

Check out this report from Rexi Media to see what PowerPoint audiences truly take away from your presentations.

Indezine PowerPoint Resources

This page provides a sampler of PowerPoint-related content created and compiled by presentation guru Geetesh Bajaj.

BrightCarbon PowerPoint Toolkit

Here you’ll find an excellent collection of PowerPoint elements that can be copied directly into new or existing presentations.

Third-Party Tools

Here you'll find a host of third-party solutions that can help enhance your PowerPoint slide decks as well as your own Brainshark content.

Brainshark Help & Training

Find additional tips on using PowerPoint to create more engaging Brainshark video presentations in our Help & Training portal.