Brainshark Learning Cloud

Fast, effective eLearning

The Brainshark Learning Cloud helps increase productivity with formal and informal training solutions for sales teams, partners and employees.

Enable on-demand mobile learning with seamless access to training content from any laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Import third-party courseware to the Brainshark learning environment, or export Brainshark-powered content to use with your existing LMS.

Intuitive navigation makes it easy to manage students, courses and curriculums, with insight into learning participation and retention.

Create and deliver executive messages, sales updates, regulatory information and other informal learning resources

Got Salesforce? Use Brainshark to train and onboard reps right within

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Just-in-Time Training

Give team members the flexibility to learn on their own schedules with on-demand access to the content they need, right when need it.

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Rapid Content Authoring

Transform dull, static training content into engaging, mobile-ready video presentations with Brainshark Rapid Authoring.

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SCORM Compliant

Leverage your existing third-party training resources and import or export all SCORM-compliant courses to a single eLearning environment.

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More efficient training = higher productivity

Reduce live training costs up to 95%

Brainshark video presentations can be viewed anytime, anywhere – from any device – improving participation and drastically reducing the need for traditional, in-person training sessions.

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Accelerate onboarding as your team grows

Ramp up employees quickly with on-demand learning resources that enable new hires to get in, get trained, and get productive.

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Ensure compliance with mandatory eLearning

Minimize audit and compliance risks with mandatory training courses that can be deployed securely and privately within your corporate network.

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