Brainshark Pricing

Brainshark cloud solutions are purchased as annual subscriptions, and prices are based on the number of authors, learners and users.

Sales Accelerator

The Sales Accelerator is priced on a per-user and per-author basis.

Sales Accelerator users can author courses, author and/or personalize presentations, take Brainshark-powered formal eLearning and just-in-time learning courses, and use the integration that is built into the solution.

Learning Cloud

The Learning Cloud is priced on a per-author and per-learner basis.

Authors can create training content for learners, and learners are authorized to view Brainshark training content. Learners can include:

Customers with existing Learning Management Systems can license the Learning Cloud on a per-author basis if they wish to create Brainshark courses for inclusion in third-party learning solutions only.

Marketing Cloud

The Marketing Cloud is priced on a per-author basis only.

Marketing Cloud authors can create non-course presentations that can be viewed by any audience.

Brainshark Professional Services are also available at an additional cost.

For more information about which Brainshark cloud solution is right for you, contact a Brainshark representative today.

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