Brainshark Rapid Authoring

Video presentations – anytime, anywhere

Easily transform static content into engaging video presentations for sales, marketing and training.

From CEOs to interns, sales managers to corporate trainers, Brainshark Rapid Authoring makes it easy for ANYONE to do more with video.

Create More Content

Quickly develop dynamic video presentations to stay ahead of content demands

Engage Your Audience

Use the power of video to capture the attention of prospects, partners and employees

Enrich Your Message

Add attachments, embed hyperlinks, interact with your audience via polls, surveys or exam questions, and more

"Brainshark is so easy to use! There's no technical expertise required, and it gets our content online quickly."

Keyana Shaw, Oxford University Press

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Get more attention

Rapid Authoring – a core component of the Brainshark platform – is the easiest way to get more out of your video content strategy, with features such as...

Simple Video Creation

Transform static content like PowerPoints, PDFs and more into engaging, voice-enriched presentations quickly and easily.

Presentation Sharing

Brainshark presentations can be shared as links via email or social media, embedded to your website or blog, published to YouTube and more.


Showcase speakers and subject matter experts by combining slide content side-by-side with pre-recorded video for a more engaging viewing experience.

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Mobile Viewing

Extend your reach with dynamic, interactive video presentations that can be viewed on any device – computer, smartphone or tablet.

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Content Portal

Organize your Brainshark content in a secure, mobile-optimized web portal, enabling reps and others to find what they need quickly, when they need it.

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Tracking & Reporting

Gain valuable insights into the viewing behavior of your audience, with actionable data to help you follow up more effectively and improve content effectiveness.

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Security & Administration

Take control of your Brainshark environment with restricted user permissions, content approval workflows, single sign-on and other management capabilities.

Rapid Authoring*
is a key component of:

Brainshark Sales Accelerator
Brainshark Learning Cloud
Brainshark Marketing Cloud

*Rapid Authoring features may vary by cloud package. Contact a sales consultant to learn more.

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