Brainshark Sales Accelerator
for Salesforce

Increase sales productivity for reps right within your CRM

The #1 sales enablement solution for Salesforce

The Brainshark Sales Accelerator arms reps with the content, training and analytics they need to have better sales conversations – and win more deals FASTER. Increase sales productivity with easy access to mobile-ready content right from Salesforce or Salesforce1.

Onboarding & Training

Access Brainshark's Learning Management System right in Salesforce

Onboard new hires faster with engaging, on-demand eLearning

Keep reps up-to-speed with seamless access to continuous learning


Prepare reps with the right content, at the right time, for every prospect at every stage of the buying cycle

Drive deals forward with prospecting content that can be shared and tracked directly within Salesforce

Deliver the right content in context within Salesforce opportunities, contacts, leads and accounts

Live Presentations

Ensure easy access to live presentation content anytime, anywhere

Launch sales presentations straight from Salesforce or Salesforce1

Present PowerPoints and PDFs from the desktop or any iOS mobile device


Understand how knowledge and behavior affect sales outcomes

Gain insight into how sales content is used, what resonates with buyers and more

Identify best practices and coach B reps to sell like your A reps

Content Creation

Easily create high-impact, video-based sales content for any selling situation

Enrich your content with interactive polls, hyperlinks, attachments and more

Deliver video and slides – side-by-side – or even embed full webpages

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