Brainshark Sales Accelerator


Win more deals — FASTER

The Brainshark Sales Accelerator enables reps to have more successful sales conversations with seamless access to the content and training they need – right within

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Accelerate onboarding to get new hires up to speed and selling quickly

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Prepare reps with just-in-time access to content in context with their sales cycles

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Engage prospects with live, mobile presentations and personalized video content

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Analyze content usage to identify interested prospects and forecast more accurately

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Coach salespeople to engage customers with the content and messages that work

Rapid Content Creation

Brainshark makes it easy to create compelling, voice-enriched video presentations quickly for sales, training and marketing.

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Live Presentations

Ensure a consistent sales message during live presentations and enable reps to engage prospects with approved content from practically any iOS mobile device.

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On-Demand eLearning

Deliver formal eLearning courses and curriculums right within Track enrollment for new reps, monitor progress, set completion criteria, and more.

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Powerful integration with

The Sales Accelerator is embedded in, so reps can access the content and training they require – in context with the sales cycle – without ever leaving the CRM.

Integration with allows for convenient access to sales and training content where reps work

Content is organized and mapped to your sales process, enabling contextual access by reps within leads, contacts and opportunities

Customized, role-based training provides faster onboarding and continuous learning right within the CRM

Detailed analytics provide visibility into content effectiveness to help identify hot prospects and coach reps to sell more efficiently

A smarter path to sales productivity and effectiveness

Ready. Set. Sell.

Faster, more effective onboarding is the key to reducing new sales rep time to productivity. With the Sales Accelerator, managers and trainers can easily deliver interactive, mobile-ready eLearning that gets new reps up to speed quickly.

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The right content at the right time

Salespeople are notorious just-in-time learners, often prepping only hours before their next meeting. Brainshark allows reps to learn-on-the-go – anytime, anywhere – with easy access to the most relevant content for any situation.

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A sales coach in every meeting

Analytics and reporting provide visibility into the most effective sales content and approaches, empowering sales managers to coach their reps throughout the sales cycle, promote best practices, and deliver more accurate forecasts.

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The tools of engagement

Simply put, Brainshark enables reps to have more successful sales conversations every time. With the ability to quickly access, organize, personalize and deliver the most relevant content, salespeople can make the most of every prospect interaction – before, during and after meetings.

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