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Brainshark sales enablement software accelerates revenue through faster training, increased demand, and more successful sales conversations.

Powerful solutions for sales, marketing & training

Brainshark solutions are designed to increase productivity at every level of your organization.

Onboarding & Training

Deliver fast, cost-effective eLearning and informal training

Onboard new hires quickly

Boost retention with engaging, video-based learning

Always keep your employees up-to-date

Sales Enablement

Accelerate the selling cycle

Ramp up reps and keep them in the know

Enable more successful sales conversations

Gain visibility into the sales process

Marketing & Content

Create more video content faster

Engage audiences at every level of the buying cycle

Significantly improve click-through rates

Measure the impact of your sales and marketing content

It starts with content

Whether your audience is across the table or across the globe, Brainshark helps you deliver the content you need to sell, market, educate and inform with maximum impact.

Rapid Content Creation

Easily create engaging video presentations to share with employees, partners, prospects and customers.

Content in Context

Empower reps with the right resources for the right situation EVERY TIME, organized by persona, stage of the sales cycle and more.

Detailed Analytics

Gain insight into content performance, audience engagement and more, all from a single screen.

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