Coach Your Reps to Success with Brainshark

Coach Your Reps to Success with Brainshark
February 10, 2016

You may know Brainshark as the go-to source to enable your reps with powerful onboarding, training, and buyer engagement solutions. But even with great training and all the right tools for engagement, reps often still fail. Why?  Studies show that reps want to be coached to succeed, but that 70% of voluntary sales attrition takes place because they feel that they’re not getting what they need from their employers or managers.Brainshark for Coaching

That’s why Brainshark is excited to announce the launch of Brainshark for Coaching, an innovative solution that enables reps to more effectively capitalize on their training to maximize every sales interaction, and empowers their managers to coach them to success.  

Brainshark for Coaching builds on Brainshark’s robust video platform, enabling managers to ensure that reps are prepared to have buyer-focused, value-focused conversations, and providing a safe space for reps to practice and refine their sales interactions.  Here’s how it works:

  • Managers can challenge individuals or teams to deliver a slide presentation, show a demo, rehearse sales messaging, and more – right from the Brainshark portal.  Once issued, the challenge invitation shows up in each rep’s inbox, with a link to their coaching dashboard.
  • Once reps have received the challenge, they can click a link to record the challenge from their PC or smartphone webcams, review their efforts, and then send the recording back to their manager for feedback.
  • Managers can review the submission and provide feedback and ratings for each recording.  Reps then are notified of their rating and feedback via email and in the portal. It’s that easy!

Because it enhances both the training and buyer engagement experiences, Brainshark for Coaching provides a perfect complement to Brainshark’s comprehensive sales enablement platform.

Enable reps to practice what they’ve learned in Brainshark’s learning solution before they start selling.

Help them prepare before they have that big sales meeting or presentation.

Provide coaching access right in Salesforce; no additional login needed.

With Brainshark for Coaching, it’s all there for you!

For more information, view this short demo, or click here to speak with a Brainshark sales consultant.  We can’t wait to hear from you about your coaching needs!