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2017 CSO Insights Sales Manager Enablement Report

Are your sales enablement efforts not meeting expectations? Sales manager enablement may be the missing ingredient.

Year after year, CSO Insights finds an undeniable correlation between sales manager skills and successful quota attainment. So why do so many sales enablement initiatives focus almost entirely on reps, and pay so little attention to managers?

This new report from CSO Insights takes an in-depth look at why sales manager development is critical to achieving performance KPIs like win rates and revenue plan attainment. Inside you’ll find details on:

  • Why sales managers have the hardest job in sales
  • How to design a holistic sales manager enablement program
  • Why sales coaching is so crucial (and how to get it right)
  • Ways to leverage technology for ultimate sales manager effectiveness

…plus a LOT more. Get your free copy of this Brainshark-sponsored report today!