Sales Enablement Trends and Investments for 2016

On-Demand Webinar

Nearly all organizations have the same goal for their sales enablement strategies: to increase sales results and productivity. Of course while this is simple to say, it’s not so easy to achieve. 

This session reviews the results of a new report on sales enablement investments and outcomes in 2016, the challenges many companies still face, and how areas like onboarding, coaching and content are driving sales success.

This live event will provide details on:

  • The importance of having a customer-core approach to sales enablement
  • Why shortening ramp-up time (45%) is the top goal of sales enablement programs
  • How a formal sales coaching framework can increase win rates by 28%
  • The reason 69% of companies still fail to achieve the majority of their enablement goals


Tamara Schenk, Research Director, CSO Insights
Jim Dickie, Research Fellow, CSO Insights
Brendan Cournoyer, VP Corporate Marketing, Brainshark