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Upgrade Your Mindset and Methodology to Drive Breakthrough Sales Results

According to recent research by CSO Insights, only 56% of sales representatives today are achieving or exceeding quota. Based on a desire to improve sales productivity and results, many sales leaders make the decision to implement a sales methodology. Unfortunately, results are often elusive.

The solution to this dilemma is three-fold. First, leaders must select a methodology that is proven-effective. Second, they can’t ignore mindset (yet often do). And third, they must execute with discipline using an Effective Learning and Selling System, to ensure change occurs. Tune in to this on-demand session to learn about:

  • The critical importance of mindset in selling – the attributes, beliefs, and behaviors that lead to sales success
  • The necessary skill sets and sales methodology that get results in today’s challenging sales environment (especially for complex, enterprise-level, B2B selling)
  • How to implement and cultivate the right mindset and methodology in your sales force through Effective Learning systems and Effective Selling Systems
  • Speakers:

    Mike Kunkle, Senior Director of Sales Readiness Consulting, Brainshark
    Anthony Iannarino, International Speaker, Author and Sales Leader

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