Every Rep Is an Inside Sales Rep: Emerging Competencies for Virtual Selling

On-Demand Webinar

Most sales organizations make a distinction between their “inside” sales (reps that are closing deals without being face-to-face with their buyers) and “field” sales. The two groups typically receive completely different training, are measured differently – even managed and coached differently.

But the fact remains that these two groups have more in common then less. Today’s field salesperson spends more time selling via inside methods than face-to-face. A majority of seller/buyer interactions happen virtually. The truth of the matter is this: every salesperson is an inside salesperson, it’s simply a matter of what percentage of their interactions happen that way

Rather than view these two groups as separate teams, it’s time Sales Enablement leaders viewed them as over-lapping in many areas – sharing many of the same critical competencies. Especially in the case of the field sales force, where training reps on virtual selling is often lacking, yet is where most of the selling is happening (do you provide a “selling through email” program for your field reps?).

In this webcast, we’ll explore Sales Enablement’s role in preparing all their reps for the job of inside selling, including:

  • Understanding the changing dynamics in buyer/seller interactions
  • Identifying the shared competencies required across various communication modalities, including social, email, phone, and text
  • Applying sales methodology across the modalities
  • Building inside selling skills learning and certification
  • The importance of consistent management, coaching and measurement