No-Nonsense Strategies for Earning Sales Enablement Buy-In

On-Demand Webinar

No-Nonsense Strategies for Earning Sales Enablement Buy-In

As the number of companies with sales enablement rises, so too do expectations for game-changing program results. Yet, according to CSO Insights only 1 in 4 sales enablement programs are meeting the expectations of their organizations.

The most common reason sales enablement is falling short? A lack of meaningful sponsorship from C-level executives.

In this presentation, longtime sales enablement practitioner Misha McPherson will break down the keys to getting senior leadership aligned with your sales enablement strategy and initiatives. Misha will cover everything from changing internal perceptions of sales enablement to aligning success metrics with corporate goals.

Listen to learn:

  • How to “sell” top decision-makers on sales enablement
  • Questions to ask when assessing your organization’s needs
  • Steps you can take to secure the right resources in 2020
  • Tips for following through on your sales enablement vision

and more.