Preboarding for Sales: Improving the Onboarding Experience Prior to Day 1 - Webinar Replay

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Onboarding is a perennial challenge for most sales organizations. One way to improve the experience? Start onboarding before a new hire’s first day.

Effective ‘preboarding’ enables sales organizations to begin getting new hires ramped and engaged early. When done well, sellers arrive on Day 1 with insight into the organization and their roles that makes the onboarding process smoother – and accelerates reps’ time to productivity (and first deals)

Listen to Brainshark’s Liz Pulice and Brendan Cournoyer share fresh strategies for preboarding new salespeople, with details on:

  • Tactics to enhance the new rep experience from the moment they’re hired
  • How to effectively set expectations for a rep’s first 30 days
  • Helping sellers become engaged with the sales and company culture early on

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