Recovering from the Great Resignation: Why Onboarding is Critical to Your 2022 Revenue Goals

On-Demand Webinar

Analysts estimate that sales turnover costs your business 7.5 months of seller productivity -- this can wreak havoc on your sales forecast and has led to more than one C-level executive looking for new opportunities.

In this executive-level conversation, Featured speaker, Eric Zines, joins Bigtincan CMO, Rusty Bishop, to share the strategies you need to save your forecast and keep you looking like a rockstar with your CEO, the board of directors, and the shareholders.

Topics they explored:

  • The impact of the Great Resignation on business predictability
  • Strategies for hiring and ramping new sellers to total productivity faster than before
  • Methods to increase overall seller efficiency -- ensuring you get the most from your current investments
  • The buying experience of the future - what is it and why you need to care now
  • Preparing all customer-facing teams to deliver on the buying experience of the future
  • Thoughts on putting these ideas into practice