Sales Coaching Technology: What You Need to Know and Why

On-Demand Webinar

Sales coaching can have a dramatic impact on win rates and quota attainment. Yet many companies still aren’t providing the coaching reps need to improve sales readiness and close more business.

That’s why more sales organizations are turning to coaching technology to help reinforce training and ensure mastery of the skills reps need to succeed. The question is – what does the right sales coaching technology look like?

After all, sales leaders want to be sure they’ll see ROI, keep salespeople engaged, and feel confident they are not just putting extra work on their managers’ plates.

Join Jenn Haskell, Director of Sales Enablement, and Jim Ninivaggi, SVP of Business Development at Brainshark, for a deep dive into the challenges and value of B2B sales coaching, with advice for identifying the right solution in this relatively new arena of sales technology. This webinar will cover:

  • The role coaching should play in effective sales training and enablement
  • The unique advantages of video-based coaching for B2B sales, with a model for success
  • The benefits of immersive coaching located within the CRM
  • Why peer-to-peer coaching can make as much impact as manager coaching