SiriusDecisions: Sales Readiness by the Numbers

On-Demand Webinar

Sales readiness is a front-and-center challenge for sales enablement leaders.  

Today’s modern reps move to new companies and roles every few years (or less). With this ever-shrinking sales talent lifecycle, enablement feels increased pressure to maximize productivity. That means finding better ways to focus and deliver readiness efforts (like training or coaching) when, where and how the sales force works.  

Wouldn’t it be great if there was data and research to help point you in the right direction? 

There is. 

Join Heather Cole, Service Director of Sales Enablement Services at SiriusDecisions, and Brainshark’s Jim Ninivaggi as they discuss the most recent research on all things sales readiness. Join this webinar to hear about: 

  • The latest on the types of learning reps value most across the sales talent lifecycle 
  • What differentiates high-performing sellers from their peers as it relates to readiness 
  • Data that reveals the preferred learning methods – and the ones to avoid 
  • A roadmap for developing high performing first-line managers  
  • Don’t miss this unique webinar for sales enablement professionals.