Sales Talent Transformation: Lessons from the Frontline

On-Demand Webinar

The job of the CEO is to ensure that the organization has the right strategy to grow. The job of the CSO is to turn that strategy into revenue. The job of the sales enablement leader is to make sure that the CSO has the right sales talent in place – and that talent ready to execute.

At some point, every sales organization needs to undergo a transformational shift in how they sell. Regardless of whether the catalyst is internal or external, sales enablement leads the charge to ensure that the field force is competent and confident to have the right conversations with the right buyers.

Join Brainshark and GrowthPlay, as they discuss how sales and sales enablement leaders need to take a “talent first” approach to successfully execute to transformational shift in their sales model. This webcast covers:

  • Defining what it means to optimize the entire sales talent lifecycle – and why today’s sales enablement leader needs to own it.
  • A discussion on the four sales learning categories that enablement leaders need to have a strategy and resources in place to execute.
  • The three critical questions every sales enablement leader needs to answer to lead a sales transformation.
  • Measuring beyond revenue to capture and leverage the critical leading indicators that tell you if your transformation is on course – or if it requires a course correction.