Research Update: Sales Manager Training

On-Demand Webinar

Sales manager training is critical to ensuring high productivity and better retention within your sales organization. Yet investments in manager training often vary, with most of the attention paid to training and enabling reps themselves, rather than the managers charged with helping them succeed.

This on-demand webinar reviews new research from Sales Manager Association on how manager training is evolving and what challenges face B2B sales teams, covering topics such as:

  • What are the specific training priorities for sales managers?
  • To what degree is training and development reinforced by organizational culture?
  • What level of resources are allocated towards training?
  • How effective is the training for specific sales management competencies?



Mike Kunkle, Sr. Director, Sales Enablement at Brainshark
Bob Kelly, Founder and Chairman, Sales Management Association
Michelle Vazzana, Partner, Vantage Point Performance