What Sales Readiness Means in 2017 (and Why You Should Care)

On-Demand Webinar

Everywhere you turn, you hear pundits belaboring the state of sales. Reps miss quota all the time. New hires take months to ramp-up. Win/Loss stats aren’t encouraging. Few managers coach enough (or well enough). Everyone is overloaded with content, and the pace of change has reps spinning. Sound familiar?

Join respected sales enablement thought leaders Jim Ninivaggi and Mike Kunkle as they share ideas about how to tune your sales force to maximize success in the New Year. In this session, Jim and Mike will:

  • Define Sales Readiness in a meaningful, practical way
  • Explore each component and how to maximize its impact
  • Share real, systemic solutions that get results, not the latest Band-Aid
  • And answer your questions, throughout, and at the end

The only way out of the current situation is to do something differently… to prepare or “ready” your reps and managers more effectively and KEEP them up-to-date on changes (and constantly improving).