Peer Created, Enablement Refined: Why Peer Learning Matters for Sales Enablement

On-Demand Webinar

It’s a problem as old as sales itself: how do you get what is in the head of your ‘A’ sellers into the heads (and actions) of your ‘B’ and ‘C’ players? 

Some organizations try mentoring and shadowing programs, only to find they don’t scale. Others have tried creating internal social sites, allowing reps to collaborate at will – only to find that what is being shared may not truly be “best practice” and in some cases, unethical or non-compliant.

But the fact remains, peer-to-peer learning can result in some of the most valuable lessons for sellers, including helping to bridge the generation gap between veteran and less-experiences reps. Without a process in place to manage it, however, peer learning can quickly fall into chaos. That’s why it’s important for sales enablement to support and foster peer learning in a way that leads to real value for reps – and real results for the company. 

Join Brainshark’s Jim Ninivaggi and Jenn Haskell for an in-depth look at peer-to-peer learning for sales and how it can (and should) compliment the more formal training that sales enablement teams provide. Attend this webinar to learn:

  • Defining exactly what peer learning is and why it matters for sales success
  • Best practices associated with launching and managing successful peer learning initiatives
  • Practical tips and techniques you can implement with your sales team