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Data-driven insights. Enterprise-class performance. And a proven platform built on more than two decades of experience. See why more companies choose Brainshark for readiness and enablement.
What We Do
Brainshark helps companies communicate with, educate, and inspire their teams to achieve top performance.
Our leading, innovative platform for sales enablement and readiness equips businesses with the tools to prepare for every buyer interaction.

Over the years, our solutions have helped thousands of companies improve the readiness of their sales and customer-facing teams. Find out how we can help you do the same.

What Else We Do

  • - Bike, run, and raise donations for charity
  • - Participate in occasional group planks
  • - Figuratively drink our own champagne
  • - LITERALLY drink our own champagne
  • - Spread holiday cheer (or attempt to)
  • - Work under the shadow of a giant plastic shark
  • - Go the extra mile for our customers
  • - Speak & write passionately about all-things sales readiness
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Who Steers the Ship

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How We Got Here

Brainshark was founded in 1999 with one vision: to transform the way companies create and share content for corporate learning.

Our customers loved us, and we encountered a groundswell of demand from other business areas – including marketing, HR, and most notably, SALES.

From there, our platform and brand have evolved into the comprehensive sales readiness solution provider you see today.

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