Brainshark Announces Product Enhancements to Better Support Mobile Viewers – With Sales Enablement Portal Now Optimized for Smartphone Access

"In Addition, Brainshark Rapid Learning, the Company’s Learning Management Solution, Now Has Redesigned Interface and Other New Features for Even Easier Mobile Interactions"

WALTHAM, Mass. — June 25, 2013 — Brainshark, Inc., the leading sales enablement platform provider, today announced product enhancements designed to help mobile users access video presentations and courses in an even more streamlined, convenient way. Brainshark’s recently announced Sales Enablement Portal now includes an interface optimized for smartphone access – so mobile sales reps can efficiently find, view and share the content they need. In addition, Brainshark Rapid Learning, the company’s award-winning learning management solution, features a redesigned interface, with bolstered search capabilities and even easier content access for learners on desktop and mobile devices.

Smartphone Savvy: Sales Enablement Portal

As smartphone sales continue to skyrocket – with more than 216 million units shipped in Q1, according to IDC – the devices are becoming even more indispensable and ubiquitous for mobile salespeople. Brainshark’s new Sales Enablement Portal, previously designed for desktop and tablet access, now provides an optimized viewing experience for iPhone and Android smartphone users as well. After logging onto the portal, smartphone users can:

  • Use landing page shortcuts to quickly access featured presentations, as well as content they’ve authored and/or marked as “favorite.”
  • Search for relevant content via text search.
  • Interact with video presentations. After clicking play, users can easily navigate to any point within a presentation, and also answer any embedded survey, poll or test questions.
  • View and open attachments associated with presentations.
  • Click to share video presentations instantly via email.

 New Design for Brainshark Rapid Learning

Brainshark Rapid Learning is a learning management solution that extends the capabilities of Brainshark On-Demand – allowing organizations to easily create and deploy eLearning programs, manage student enrollment, and measure the progress of learners and groups. Customers report cutting training time in half through Brainshark – using Brainshark Rapid Learning to deliver formal training to employees and partners, accelerate on-boarding, conduct sales training, ensure compliance and increase employee knowledge levels in general.

Now, when students log on to access their secure “Learning Locker” – which displays their current and previous enrollments – they benefit from a redesigned and even more intuitive interface, with new and improved functionality. These enhancements are tailored to both desktop/laptop and tablet users – providing easy mobile viewing and support for mobile learning (mLearning) initiatives.

Students benefit from:

  • Expanded search capabilities. In addition to searching the course catalog, students can conduct searches across their current and prior course and curriculum enrollments – noting, for example, completion status and courses pending.
  • Detailed content landing pages. When students click a course, they have immediate access to important, individualized information. From the course title page, students can view the course description and credit information, see prerequisites and completion criteria, start or resume unfinished courses, and more. The view is optimized for touch-screens as well.
  • A tabbed view, making it easy to jump between current and prior courses and curricula. Indicators at the top of each tab allow students to instantly see when they’ve been enrolled in new courses.
  • A shortcut to their transcript, so students can click to track which courses they’ve completed and how they scored, providing validation as needed.
  • Smart sorting. Students’ Learning Lockers remember how they prefer to view results (for example, sorted by title, completion status, expiration date, etc.), and whether they prefer a list or thumbnail view.

“We’re pleased to unveil the new Rapid Learning capabilities and design – which now has a similar look and feel to our Sales Enablement Portal, giving customers a more unified experience,” said Brainshark President Greg Flynn. “Salespeople are often ‘just-in-time’ learners, so it’s important to provide them with convenient, anytime access to course materials and sales presentations. With our latest product enhancements, we’re making it even easier for sales reps and other users to get relevant content, right at their fingertips, at the moment they need it – whether they’re at their desk or on the road. As we continue our rapid pace of product innovation, we remain committed to helping our customers increase the productivity of their sales teams and improve the overall effectiveness of their corporate communications.”

About Brainshark

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