Brainshark Joins Saba Alliance Program as Affiliate Partner

"Brainshark and Saba Learning Suite Give Subject Matter Experts a Quick, Easy Way to Create and Deploy eLearning Content"

WALTHAM, Mass. - October 26, 2010 - Brainshark, Inc., the leader in on-demand multimedia for business, today announced it has joined the Saba Partner Program as an Affiliate Partner. Saba (NASDAQ:SABA) is a world-leading provider of people systems that combine people learning, people performance and collaboration technologies. Through this partnership and Brainshark's seamless interoperability with Saba Learning Suite, companies can cut the time and cost in creating eLearning content and deploying it to their employees, customers and partners across the globe.

Saba Learning Suite supports a full continuum of learning methods - formal, informal, self-paced, live and a blend - to provide thorough and effective learning that builds organizational competencies. The Brainshark Platform complements the Saba portfolio, and empowers subject matter experts within an organization to quickly and easily create eLearning content using common business tools like PowerPoint and the telephone. Brainshark content is SCORM and AICC compliant, and used for asynchronous training activities, including formal, informal and mobile learning needs.

Because Brainshark eliminates the usual time and cost obstacles in eLearning development, it's easy to keep content fresh to meet business goals, and provide learners with instant updates on the latest messaging, products and procedures. In addition, Saba Learning Suite customers can easily load Brainshark content into their course catalogs, enabling learners to launch the content instantly. Saba Learning Suite customers can also view completion information, test scores and session length details associated with their Brainshark content.

"We're pleased to partner with Brainshark," said Mercedes Ellison, senior vice president for global alliances and channels at Saba. "By running Brainshark content on Saba, customers can access award-winning technology to promote learning and up-to-the-minute course content."

Joe Gustafson, Brainshark CEO, said: "Companies today are looking to harness the benefits of not only formal - but also informal - learning, as employees acquire knowledge from a variety of sources, including each other. Brainshark's platform empowers any subject matter expert to share knowledge within minutes. We're excited to be partnering with Saba, a recognized leader in strategic learning, so that customers can take advantage of our products for a more effective learning experience."

About Brainshark

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