Brainshark Launches Brainshark Labs at Microsoft Build 2017

Brainshark Will Demonstrate How Innovations in Machine Scoring and Virtual Reality Will Drive Advances in Sales Onboarding, Training and Coaching

WALTHAM, Mass. – June 8, 2017 – Brainshark, Inc., delivering SaaS-based sales enablement and readiness solutions, launched Brainshark Labs, its incubator for research and innovation, at Microsoft Build 2017, held May 10-12 in Seattle. Brainshark technology leaders will share how they are integrating Microsoft’s Cognitive Services and Microsoft HoloLens mixed-reality simulation technology to transform how salespeople are onboarded, trained and coached to engage in more successful buyer communications.

The mission of Brainshark Labs is to find innovative ways to help sales organizations get better at what they do, by exploring how the latest, cutting-edge technologies can be used to solve sales readiness challenges and improve productivity.

Build 2017, Microsoft’s annual developer conference, explored how software continues to transform the world in remarkable ways. Brainshark’s presentation focused on how Brainshark Labs is helping to pioneer the next generation of sales enablement solutions, including wearable technology, virtual reality and artificial intelligence, to help salespeople better prepare for buyer interactions in a simulated, low-risk environment. The company is also developing solutions that leverage automated machine scoring to help salespeople elevate their performance through a better understanding of tone of voice, energy levels, body language and more.

“We believe that every sales team, no matter how effective, can be even better: more knowledgeable, more productive and more motivated,” said Chris Caruso, chief technology officer at Brainshark. “We are excited to launch Brainshark Labs at Microsoft Build since so much of what we’re exploring harnesses the incredible power and technical advances now available from Microsoft. As a result of these innovations, we can better equip the sales teams of tomorrow by providing salespeople with the opportunity to practice their presentations in an environment that’s as realistic as possible – with unpredictable interactions that get reps ready for difficult real-world questions and selling situations.”

Brainshark’s Build 2017 presentation demonstrated how the company is building a platform that combines HoloLens, Cognitive Services and machine learning to simulate meetings and objectively score the performance of salespeople. Specifically, Brainshark's HoloLens Sales Simulator App uses Microsoft Cognitive Services Custom Speech Service combined with Language Understanding Intelligent Service in real-time to ensure that even the most unique corporate messaging can be understood in the simulator. On the machine scoring side, Brainshark is combining the output from Cognitive Services like Emotion API and Text Analytics API detection and lexical analysis with additional custom algorithms to predict the persuasiveness and quality level of the presentation.

Hong Choing, director of ISV partner business at Microsoft, said: “It’s exciting to see our partners apply Microsoft technology in ways that can drive high-impact results related to sales readiness, productivity and revenue. We’re proud to collaborate with Brainshark, as they continue to help salespeople become better sellers.”

To learn more about Brainshark’s latest innovations in sales enablement and readiness, visit and follow @BNSKLabs on Twitter. To learn more about Brainshark sales readiness solutions, visit and follow @Brainshark on Twitter.

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