Brainshark Launches myBrainshark Web Site, Where Users Can Create, Share and Track Multimedia Presentations for Free

"Audio, Video and Interactive Capabilities Enable Effective "Show-and-Tell" for Business Communicators, Helping Them Reach Large Audiences with Maximum Impact"

WALTHAM, Mass. - September 21, 2009 - Brainshark, Inc., the leader in on-demand presentations, today announced the launch of myBrainshark, a Web site where users can create, share and track the impact of on-demand, multimedia presentations – for free. With myBrainshark, available at and through the Brainshark homepage, Brainshark has, for the first time, made its award-winning technology available at no cost – through a unique and powerful Web site that enables anyone with Internet access to harness the benefits of voice-enriched, on-demand presentations.

For more than a decade, Brainshark has helped small and large companies reduce the cost and time of travel, meetings and live communications, and increase the scope and effectiveness of their communications. Today, more than 1,000 businesses – including 1/3 of the Fortune 100 – rely on Brainshark on-demand presentations for their communication needs. Every five seconds, a Brainshark presentation is viewed by Internet users around the world, with Brainshark customers reporting 90-95% reductions in communication costs over previous methods. Now, through the introduction of myBrainshark – a supplement to the company’s enhanced subscription offerings – millions of users can take advantage of this free “show-and-tell” site, a venue for creating and sharing publicly-available, voice-enriched content. With myBrainshark’s free content creation tools, users can effectively promote themselves and their businesses, and share expertise.

“With myBrainshark, we look forward to helping individuals and businesses deliver far-reaching messages – at zero cost, but with maximum impact,” said Brainshark CEO Joe Gustafson. “myBrainshark’s powerful feature set, including the ability to add voice and create multimedia, helps businesspeople deliver more powerful content in their on-the-job and off-the-job communications. With the compelling and convenient format of Brainshark-delivered communications, users can catch their audience’s attention, and educate and inform them in a personal and engaging way – anytime, on demand.”

Usage and Examples
In a few simple steps, visitors to the myBrainshark site can easily create a voice-enriched multimedia presentation or podcast – selecting from various wizards that walk them through the process. To begin, upload a file that you’d like to add your voice to, such as a PowerPoint presentation, and tag the content with relevant key words so it can be more easily found. Then…

  • NARRATE IT.  Using your phone, dial a Brainshark-provided number to record your audio – synchronizing it with your presentation, and giving your content meaning and impact. You can also add “extras” to enhance your presentation, such as survey questions, attachments, music and more.
  • SHARE IT. You can share the published presentation as a link in an e-mail or through social media sites including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, or embed it in your Web page or blog.
  • TRACK IT. Once people start to view your content, you can check the Brainshark-provided statistics to see when and where they watched, how much of your content was viewed and how any survey questions were answered. Viewers can also offer feedback – commenting on, rating and sharing the material they see.

Content published to myBrainshark is indexed, search engine optimized and accessible to a worldwide audience online. For a brief demo on how to get started and for more info, see Potential ways to use the site include:

  • Promote yourself or your business
  • Share expertise
  • Market a new product
  • Publicize an event
  • Produce fundraising communications
  • Strengthen content marketing
  • Narrate a photo slideshow
  • And more!

“myBrainshark offers business professionals a tremendous opportunity to communicate in a high-impact, memorable and – best of all – free way,” said Will Brooks, president of The Brooks Group, a consulting firm that provides customized sales and sales management training. The Brooks Group is leveraging myBrainshark to provide training and expertise on demand.

“myBrainshark enables us to reach a wide audience with our expertise and allow them to get to know our firm and the value we deliver,” Brooks continued. “Not only are we able to extend our expertise in an engaging on-demand format over the Web, but we create awareness and demand for our core training services as well.”

Opportunities for Experts
myBrainshark users who are professional experts on business or training topics can apply online to become Learning Providers. This designation enables them to publish premium content on myBrainshark, where they have the option of selling their content. Site visitors can browse, access, view or buy the premium content – on topics including selling skills, leadership, compliance and more. In addition, content created by Learning Providers is also available and promoted through The Learning Content Network, a service of Training Industry, Inc.

myBrainshark Affinity Partnerships
To broaden awareness of myBrainshark’s benefits among business professionals with expertise to share, Brainshark has also signed a roster of affinity partners. These organizations currently include the Bank Insurance & Securities Association (BISA),, Sales & Marketing Executives International (SMEI) and Affinity partners promote myBrainshark to their member communities as a method of improving business communications, sharing industry expertise and promoting awareness on timely topics.

In addition to the myBrainshark site, Brainshark continues to offer its Standard, Corporate and Unlimited editions on a subscription basis to businesses seeking enhanced functionality designed for enterprise use and the ability to create a branded, privacy-enabled communications experience. For more information, visit

About Brainshark

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