Brainshark Launches SlideShark Broadcasting – Letting Mobile Presenters Invite Remote Meeting Attendees to View Their Live Presentations Over the Web

"SlideShark App Users Can Now Also Draw on and Annotate Slides While Presenting From Their iPad or iPhone, and Get In-Depth Data on Who Tuned in to See Their Broadcast Presentations"

WALTHAM, Mass. — March 26, 2013 — Brainshark, Inc., the leading sales enablement platform provider, today announced the launch of “SlideShark Broadcasting” – making presentations delivered from the iPad and iPhone accessible in real time to remote or in-person meeting attendees on their device of choice. Now, users of SlideShark – the award-winning app for viewing, presenting and sharing PowerPoints on iOS devices – can invite others to view their presentation as it’s being delivered live. Recipients, whether across the table or across the globe, can see the presentation on any Internet-connected computer, tablet or smartphone – viewing slides as they’re advanced, animations as they unfold, drawings and annotations as made by the presenter, and more.

Attendees can easily view live broadcasts of presentations via their Web browser – no downloads required. Presenters, meanwhile, maintain control over what content is delivered, when it’s delivered and the overall cadence of the meeting. At the meeting’s conclusion, they also receive detailed reports on audience viewing activity and attendance.

“So many of us have been in this situation: We’re about to give a presentation and learn that some people can’t attend in-person,” said Brainshark CEO Joe Gustafson. “SlideShark eliminates those barriers to information delivery – now providing a total meeting solution for mobile presenters. They have the unique ability to show and project PowerPoint decks with full fidelity using their iOS devices, and now can make it easy for everyone – especially those who aren’t in the room – to follow along. Broadcasting is another way we strive to make SlideShark a presenter’s best friend, and we’re excited about the benefits this brings to business users.”

Introduced a year-and-a-half ago, SlideShark has been downloaded more than 1.4 million times and is used by individuals and businesses in more than 140 countries. The app gives users the unprecedented ability to view and present PowerPoints on the iPad and iPhone with fonts, animations, graphics, videos and hyperlinks intact – while also serving as a business-class platform to distribute, track and manage content in the cloud.

“Our sales team is constantly on the road – with mobile reps relying on SlideShark to present to prospects and clients from their iPads,” said Mehgan Recker, senior manager for digital innovation and development at Stagnito Media, a publisher of leading magazines for food, gourmet and convenience store retailers, and provider of integrated marketing services. “Now, when reps learn someone can’t attend a meeting, they won’t have to scramble to email out the deck – hoping the recipient will follow along correctly. SlideShark Broadcasting lets our sales reps keep everyone in the loop, while enabling them to maintain control over their presentation delivery. It’s very intuitive to use – for presenters as well as attendees – and makes the app even more useful to us.”

Part of the newly released SlideShark version 3.0, SlideShark Broadcasting marries SlideShark’s ability to show PowerPoints properly on iOS devices – as well as its powerful features for mobile presenters – with several key capabilities in traditional desktop Web conferencing solutions as well. SlideShark Broadcasting is truly unique in enabling iOS users to present PowerPoint decks intact and broadcast them over the Web, while supporting animations too.

Now, with the launch of SlideShark Broadcasting, users who are presenting via SlideShark on their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch can:

  • Tap within the app to begin broadcasting their live presentations. Presenters each have a unique URL with their username that attendees use to join the broadcast.
  • Invite attendees by email from within the app – either before the presentation starts or even during it – to simply click the link to join the broadcast. Presenters can also add additional information, such as a welcome message and conference call number, which will be visible to attendees.
  • Prompt attendees to enter a unique security code, if desired, in order to ensure privacy for each broadcast session.
  • Receive visual alerts when someone enters/exits a broadcast.
  • Get an in-depth report on who attended the broadcast and for how long.
  • Access additional detailed reports on the broadcast meeting itself – including how long it lasted, which presentations and slides were shown, how much time was spent on each slide and more.

Along with the launch of SlideShark Broadcasting, Brainshark is also announcing SlideShark Pro, a new offering that includes the broadcasting capabilities and provides an additional 1GB of storage for the user. SlideShark Pro account holders are able to invite up to 10 attendees to view each presentation they broadcast. Users of SlideShark Team Edition, the multi-user business version of SlideShark, can invite up to 25 attendees per broadcast. Free SlideShark users, as well as individuals with SlideShark Plus accounts, can try out the capability through May 31 at no cost – inviting up to three attendees to view each broadcast.

Additional new features available to all users as part of SlideShark 3.0 include the ability for presenters to:

  • Draw on slides, using SlideShark’s new annotation capabilities. Presenters can draw attention to elements with a highlighter or pen – choosing from six different colors and three thicknesses. They can erase sections, as well as the entire drawing, and save their annotations for reference and/or future use. Annotations are also visible in real time during a broadcast.
  • Take advantage of SlideShark’s laser pointer feature, when using the iPhone or iPod touch as a remote control to advance presentations delivered from the iPad.

“Sales enablement is a strategic priority for many organizations today, as they look at how to best equip sales teams to drive bottom line results,” said Edge Coble, research analyst within the sales enablement strategies practice at SiriusDecisions, a leading analyst firm focused on sales and marketing effectiveness. “Because sales reps are increasingly mobile and time-constrained, solutions that enhance productivity on the road are critical. In this regard, products such as SlideShark – that enable sales professionals to deliver powerful presentations from their mobile device at hand, loop in colleagues and prospects in remote locations, and get actionable data on presentation effectiveness – can help companies drive their business forward.”

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