Brainshark Non-Profit Program Awards Technology Grants to Five Standout Non-Profits

"Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children, Schools Unite Network, Robert R. Taylor Network @ MIT, All Purpose Lifeskills and Leverage Brainshark to Enhance Training and Support Wide Range of Communications Needs"

WALTHAM, Mass. - August 26, 2009 - Brainshark, Inc., a leader in on-demand presentations, today announced the five latest grant recipients in its Non-Profit Program. The following organizations have received a free one-year Brainshark software license for their communications needs: Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children of New York, N.Y.; the Schools Unite Network (SUN) of New York, N.Y.; the Robert R. Taylor Network (RRTN) @ MIT of Cambridge, Mass.; All Purpose Lifeskills of Davie, Fla.; and of New York, N.Y.

Through its Non-Profit Program, Brainshark provides technology grants on a quarterly basis, enabling non-profit organizations to communicate using Brainshark’s online, multimedia presentations – interactive content that includes audio, as well as videos, surveys and polls, attachments, tracking and reporting capabilities, and more. For non-profit organizations, incorporating Brainshark as a key part of their communications mix vastly increases the reach of their messages and contributes to significant savings by reducing collateral, travel and Web conferencing costs.

The latest grant recipients plan to use Brainshark as follows:

  • Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children: Spence-Chapin, which has been offering quality adoption services for over 100 years, is currently posting Brainshark presentations to attract and inform potential adoptive parents, driving particular awareness for its international adoption programs, see their China program presentation. A presentation for ASAP, its adoption program for babies with special needs, is now in development.

    The organization also has plans to leverage Brainshark on-demand presentations to communicate with potential donors for its humanitarian aid programs, which offer support and services to children in orphanages. Spence-Chapin will also use Brainshark to conduct outreach and advocacy to hospitals, social services agencies and family planning providers, describing its adoptive services in-depth without traveling to do so. In addition, Spence-Chapin is taking advantage of Brainshark’s tracking capabilities to analyze viewer activity and strengthen content, and has plans to leverage Brainshark’s integration with, which enables organizations to track the results of their communications within

  • The Schools Unite Network: "SUN," administered by Police Liaison Group, is a unique and innovative Internet-based information exchange in New York City developed to aid in the reduction of juvenile crime. SUN works to prevent and address youth-related crime and facilitate information sharing among the New York City Police Department (NYPD), staff across 80+ schools and parents in Manhattan. SUN is in the process of developing presentations through Brainshark for viewing by the NYPD, school administrators, staff, parents and community members. SUN also plans to take advantage of Brainshark’s integration with
  • The Robert R. Taylor Network @ MIT: Named after the first black graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, RRTN aims to connect black youth and professionals to a cultural legacy of achievement in architecture, science and technology to create cultural and economic impact. RRTN also plans to use Brainshark to support its programs in leadership, archival and original research, education, and technology, and to conduct outreach to target constituents, educational partners, member subscribers and other stakeholders.
  • All Purpose Lifeskills: All Purpose Lifeskills helps domestic violence survivors, foster youth, the homeless, low-income families and youth at risk acquire financial literary and life skills. The organization plans to use Brainshark to reduce the costs of training volunteers, business presenters and board members. In addition, the group will use Brainshark to expand the scope of fundraising efforts and to market itself and its events to a wider audience. 
  • members and supporters work to find practical solutions to social and environmental problems, serving more than 80,000 registered organizations from more than 180 different countries. The organization plans to use Brainshark to conduct monthly training programs and new hire on-boarding. is also preparing Brainshark presentations to help site visitors navigate its Web site and take advantage of services offered. In addition, is also leveraging Brainshark’s integration with

"Non-profits have been hit especially hard by today’s economic climate, and with our technology grant program, we enable them to focus their budgets on other priorities," said Brainshark CEO Joe Gustafson. "Our most recent recipients are already starting to use Brainshark in outstanding ways, and we look forward to helping them develop a compelling, cost-effective and far-reaching communication strategy."

In addition to awarding grants, the Brainshark Non-Profit Program also provides the Standard Edition of the Brainshark platform at a 40% discount for eligible non-profits. These include registered 501(c)(3) organizations (or their equivalent outside the U.S.). They do not include organizations providing patient care, health-related services or financial services. Other restrictions apply.

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