Brainshark Puts PowerPoint in Your Pocket with Launch of SlideShark iPhone App

"Now, iPhone Users Can View and Share PowerPoints on-the-Go, With Features Including ‘Zoom In’ for Optimal Viewing and Ability to Connect to Projectors for Presenting to Large Audiences"

WALTHAM, Mass. — September 5, 2012 — Brainshark, Inc., the leader in online and mobile presentations, today announced the launch of the SlideShark iPhone app – the iPhone version of its popular and award-winning SlideShark iPad app. This new, free app provides users with the unprecedented ability to view and show PowerPoints properly on the iPhone or iPod touch, zoom in to better view content, share and track presentations, and connect to projectors or TVs for presentations to larger audiences, among other features.

SlideShark debuted last fall as an iPad-only app, addressing a problem faced by millions of business users. It enabled them to do what had previously been impossible – view and show PowerPoints on the iPad with fonts, animations, graphics and colors intact – while also providing a platform to distribute, track and manage content in the cloud. Since its launch last October, SlideShark has:

  • Continuously netted two downloads per minute, 24x7.
  • Been adopted by users in more than 120 different countries.
  • Ranked among the top “Productivity Apps” in Apple’s App Store.
  • Earned top industry honors, including an Appy Award, Mobile Merit Award, Mobile Star Award and Network Products Guide Award, along with recognition as a Mashable Award finalist, Stevie Award (American Business Awards program) finalist, AlwaysOn OnMobile 100 member and more.

As iPhones continue to play a major role in enterprise mobility – with more than 90 percent of the Fortune 500 testing or deploying them, according to Apple – it’s increasingly important for iPhone users to find effective productivity solutions – and the ability to access and play PowerPoints on-the-go is no exception. More than 30 million PowerPoints are created every day, according to Microsoft estimates; however, until now, iPhone users have not been able to view and manage these decks directly and reliably on their devices.

“We’re thrilled to extend the benefits of SlideShark to iPhone and iPod touch users, so they can view, share, track and manage PowerPoint presentations – no matter where they are or which iOS device they’re using,” said Brainshark CEO Joe Gustafson. “The SlideShark iPhone app puts PowerPoint in your pocket – with a number of compelling features for business users especially tailored to the iPhone form factor.”

With the SlideShark iPhone app, it’s easy to view and show slides anytime, anywhere. Users have the ability to:

  • Access content instantly and easily, from their free, secure, cloud-based account. Users can also download presentations to their iPhone, iPod touch and/or iPad for dependable, offline viewing and presenting.
  • Zoom in and out while viewing and showing content using standard “pinch” gestures.
  • Project presentations to a larger screen or TV with an HDMI or VGA cable or through Apple AirPlay (iPhone 4 and later).
  • Set auto-play with looping for self-running presentations.
  • Create a “Laser Pointer” effect while presenting to focus the audience’s attention.
  • Share links to online versions of presentations for on-demand viewing on any device.
  • Track views of shared presentations with instant email alerts and detailed online reporting when content is viewed by others.

“As mobile devices continue to proliferate and rapidly mature, users are increasingly expecting that the devices will make their lives easier – and rightly so,” said Scott Nelson, managing vice president, Gartner Research. “Apps that maximize productivity – letting users view, deliver and manage presentations from anywhere, and helping bring a desktop-like experience to the phone at their fingertips – are seeing traction in the marketplace, and helping users stay connected and conduct business efficiently.”

Skincare giant Nerium International is just one company that has maximized the productivity and effectiveness of its representatives (known as “brand partners”) through the use of SlideShark.

“We’re rolling out SlideShark to thousands of brand partners – so they can access current information on our skincare products and give sales presentations on-the-go, from their iPads,” said Dennis Windsor, Nerium president and co-founder. “We’re especially excited to have SlideShark available on the iPhone now too, since everyone travels with their phones. Now, our brand partners can be even more agile – and simply whip out their iPhones to show slides during quick, impromptu conversations, or even conveniently hook up their phones to a projector to deliver formal presentations in front of groups of people.”

In addition to unveiling its SlideShark app for the iPhone, Brainshark has also made it easier for all SlideShark users – whether on an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad – to increase the presentation storage capacity in their SlideShark accounts. Now, users can click directly within the SlideShark app to upgrade to SlideShark Plus, and purchase an additional 1GB of storage, on top of the 100MB they receive for free.

The SlideShark iPhone app works with all SlideShark plans, including free accounts, SlideShark Plus and the multi-user SlideShark Team Edition. For more information or to download SlideShark for the iPhone or iPad, please visit The free SlideShark iPhone app is also available for download in Apple’s App Store at

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