Brainshark Unveils HTML5-Based Mobile Player, Bringing Interactivity to Mobile Video Presentations

"<i>iOS and Android Users Can Now Click to Navigate Brainshark Content Quickly and Easily, Answer Quiz Questions and Polls, and Share Content Instantly – Without the Need to Download an App</i>"

WALTHAM, Mass. — December 18, 2012 — Brainshark, Inc., the leader in online and mobile video presentations, today unveiled the Brainshark Mobile Player. This new, HTML5-based player gives iOS and Android users a more interactive experience when they view Brainshark video presentations on their smartphones and tablets. The player also enables organizations to increase their level of engagement with mobile users – who can access, view and share high-impact content anytime, quickly and easily.

Companies across the world use Brainshark to improve the ease and effectiveness of their communications – with a Brainshark presentation viewed every two seconds worldwide. These presentations combine PowerPoint slides, voice narration, video clips, interactive questions and more, into a video that can be shared as a link for on-demand consumption. As more organizations need to deliver timely, easily accessible content to in-the-field and on-the-go audiences, the Brainshark Mobile Player provides a superior and intuitive viewing experience. Now – with no app or software downloads necessary – viewers who access a Brainshark presentation from an iPhone, iPad or Android device can expect the same powerful functionality they would experience on their desktop or laptop computers, including the ability to:

  • View and respond to poll, survey and exam questions. This provides an interactive experience that is ideal for mobile learning (mLearning).
  • Click to navigate to any point in a presentation.
  • Open and view attachments associated with a presentation.
  • Share presentations instantly via email and social media.
  • Resume presentation views. The player remembers where viewers left off, so they have the option of starting from that point next time.
  • Use single sign-on (SSO) to access secure Brainshark content (if their organizations employ SSO technology).

Corporate Benefits

In addition, with the Brainshark Mobile Player, organizations can take advantage of:

  • Comprehensive mLearning support. Brainshark makes it easy to implement and support mLearning programs, and score and track learners. The Brainshark Mobile Player is SCORM-compliant, enabling content to be deployed through any mobile-enabled learning management system (LMS) that uses this common standard. In addition, learners can view and participate in Brainshark Rapid Learning courses using the Brainshark Mobile Player.
  • Enhanced video marketing. Marketers can better engage their mobile audiences with easily accessible and interactive online videos. Brainshark’s tracking capabilities can pinpoint when a mobile viewer’s interest is hot.
  • Mobile portal access. All Brainshark enterprise customers can access content through a portal that is both desktop- and mobile-enabled. Mobile users will see an interface that is optimized for smartphones and tablets – making it easy to search, filter, sort, rate and comment on presentations from virtually any mobile device.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities. Brainshark’s analytics provide in-depth information about all presentation views – with the Brainshark Mobile Player helping collect important information about mobile activity. Users can see how long viewers spent watching their presentations, when content was accessed, which slides were viewed (and in what order), what type of device was used to access content and how any survey/test questions were answered.

“As smartphones and tablets skyrocket in use, it’s not only important for companies to deliver content to mobile users – but also to deliver it in a high-impact and intuitive format,” said Brainshark CEO Joe Gustafson. “The Brainshark Mobile Player empowers organizations to improve the reach, impact and effectiveness of their mobile communications. They can use Brainshark to create interactive video content, and know it will be easily accessible and engaging to viewers on their desktop and mobile devices.”

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