Brainshark Unveils New Sales Coaching Capabilities to Sharpen Reps’ Written Communications with Buyers

Sales Readiness Leader Introduces Additional Product Enhancements, Including a Knowledge & Skills Library to Help Sales Teams Identify and Address Knowledge Gaps

WALTHAM, Mass. October 29, 2019 Brainshark, Inc., delivering SaaS-based sales enablement and readiness solutions, today announced new features and enhancements in its award-winning sales readiness platform. Chief among these is the addition of “text-based coaching activities” in Brainshark’s sales coaching and practice solution – enabling sales reps and other customer-facing employees to demonstrate, receive feedback on and sharpen their written communication skills, to deliver greater value to buyers.

“So much of the communication between sellers and buyers is written – via email, even via text,” said Brendan Cournoyer, vice president of marketing, Brainshark. “Cutting-and-pasting often falls short – reps need to be able to tailor responses to each unique interaction to move deals forward, and they need to be precise in their language to avoid misunderstandings. Our new coaching enhancements give client-facing teams even greater flexibility to ensure their reps are prepared to always say the right things, no matter how those messages are delivered.”

Brainshark’s sales coaching and practice solution reinforces training and certifies that sellers have mastered their messages. Coaches and managers use Brainshark to assign activities to their reps (e.g., “How would you position this new product to this particular prospect?”), and reps submit their responses through the system for evaluation. The solution supports video-based submissions, and now managers can also specify that an activity requires a written response.

With these new text-based capabilities:

  • Managers can engineer and assign activities to assess written communications – for example, asking reps to personalize a prospecting email based on industry news, craft a mock email response to a pricing question, respond to a specific competitive objection and more. Reps receive email and mobile push notifications from Brainshark letting them know they have an activity to complete.
  • Reps submit their written responses through Brainshark’s system (multiple formats accepted for written submissions).
  • Coaches/managers and peers can provide feedback, evaluating each response’s tone, consistency, persuasiveness and more, with star-based ratings and fields for written input.

In addition to text-based coaching activities, Brainshark is unveiling other new platform enhancements:

Google Drive and Slide Support

Content authors will soon be able to automatically turn their Google Slides, linked from a Google Drive account, into interactive Brainshark presentations that power sales readiness. Organizations that use G Suite for cloud-based productivity benefit from this integration, streamlining the creation of interactive sales training presentations.

Knowledge & Skills Library

Identifying critical knowledge and skills for reps, ensuring that information is integrated within sales courses and curricula – and then tracking who’s mastered what – are all important components of sales readiness. To help sales teams address these areas, Brainshark has introduced a Knowledge & Skills Library, enabling sales leaders to:

  • Create a library of desired knowledge (e.g., competitive intelligence) and skills (negotiation, objection handling, etc.) for their sales team to master.
  • Correlate existing learning content to those topics and skills to ensure critical areas are covered and quickly identify any gaps within curricula.
  • View, at-a-glance, which reps have completed courses associated with certain knowledge and skills, and which reps have not been certified in those areas.

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