Brainshark Unveils SCORM Import Module – Letting Users Import Third-Party Content Into Brainshark Rapid Learning

"Customers Can Now Also Integrate Formal eLearning Data in for Enhanced Reporting and Analytics "

WALTHAM, Mass. — June 17, 2014 — Brainshark, Inc., the leader in cloud-based business presentations, today announced two significant product enhancements. The first is the ability to import third-party SCORM-compliant content directly into Brainshark Rapid Learning – allowing quick and easy access to learning content, regardless of format. In addition, users can now sync course enrollment and completion data from Brainshark Rapid Learning directly into Salesforce via the Brainshark Connector for to gain better insight into their learning programs. With these new capabilities, organizations can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their sales and other training initiatives.

Brainshark Rapid Learning – available with the Brainshark Learning Cloud, Enterprise Cloud and Sales Cloud packages – is a learning management solution that allows organizations to quickly create, deploy and manage eLearning content, courses and curriculums. It is used for sales training and onboarding, formal learning programs, certification, mLearning and informal, just-in-time learning. Using Brainshark Rapid Learning, organizations can manage student enrollment, enable student self-registration, provide open enrollment course catalogs and certify students, as well as track and analyze student and course performance to measure the progress and success of learners.

Importing SCORM Content

With the SCORM Import Module, Brainshark learning administrators can now import third-party SCORM-compliant content created in programs like Articulate, Adobe Presenter and Lectora, for example, into Brainshark Rapid Learning as individual courses or as part of multi-course curriculums. This allows organizations to leverage their investments and expertise in third-party authoring tools or pre-purchased courses – along with Brainshark video-based training content – in one comprehensive eLearning environment.

Brainshark will accept SCORM 1.2, 2004, Tin Can or AICC content. The new module is available to Brainshark Learning Cloud, Sales Cloud and Enterprise Cloud customers with Rapid Learning activated.

Synchronizing Rapid Learning Data in

In addition to sending and tracking Brainshark presentations from within Salesforce, users of the Brainshark Connector for and Brainshark Rapid Learning can also take Brainshark-based training courses and curriculums right from within the CRM system. With the latest release, Brainshark has taken this capability a step further, enabling automated synchronization of learner enrollment and activity data into With this new capability, Salesforce users can easily access this data to create native reports within their CRM solution, gaining critical insight into learning completion and success. This insight will improve the overall success of their learning programs.

“These new capabilities provide companies greater flexibility and more visibility to into the effectiveness of their learning initiatives, particularly for sales,” said David Klein, vice president of product management at Brainshark. “Through Brainshark’s comprehensive offerings, organizations can easily create compelling video-based learning presentations; salespeople and marketers can send and track the content; and learning professionals can provide a full-featured, integrated learning environment for sales reps and other learners. As a result, organizations all over the world are benefitting from our best-in-class sales performance solution.”

About Brainshark

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