Brainshark’s Enhanced Readiness Scorecards Deepen the Connection Between Sales Enablement and Performance

Scorecards Empower Sales Organizations to Closely Align Skills Development with the KPIs that Drive Sales Productivity and Revenue

WALTHAM, Mass. September 1, 2020 Brainshark, Inc., the leading platform for data-driven sales enablement and readiness, today announced exciting enhancements to its Readiness Scorecards solution, giving organizations a new, powerful way to track the progress and impact of their enablement programs.

Readiness Scorecards provide companies with fast, unprecedented visibility into the learning progress of their sales reps and other client-facing teams. These insights make it simpler for teams to diagnose skills gaps quickly, and then close those gaps via personalized coaching, training, and reinforcement.

This latest release increases the diagnostic power of Scorecards by pulling in CRM data from Salesforce. Sales enablement and sales leadership can now automatically visualize the readiness of teams and individual reps alongside the KPIs that drive sales productivity, such as opportunities created, pipeline generated and more. These enhanced Scorecards provide a new window into the impact sales training and coaching programs have on revenue-generating activities in the field.

“Readiness Scorecards allow us to see how the team is doing, how they’re applying the training, where the gaps are and then determine how to fill them,” said Jason Gwilliam, manager, U.S. sales enablement and training at Abbott Structural Heart.

This latest enhancement comes less than one year after Brainshark’s acquisition of sales scorecard and data analytics platform Rekener. Now fully integrated with the Brainshark platform, Scorecards with CRM Data mark the latest milestone in Brainshark’s vision for data-driven sales readiness and enablement.

With Readiness Scorecards with CRM Data, organizations can:

  • Activate data-driven coaching and readiness. Scorecards visualize sales training, coaching, and performance data to automatically track how teams and individuals compare to their peers, goals and more. These insights make it simpler to diagnose problems faster, motivate reps to improve and prioritize coaching efforts.
  • Put readiness and performance data in ‘coachable’ context. Brainshark’s Scorecards put sales enablement data in the context that matters most: teams and reps. Cutting-edge insights offer amazing visibility into which reps have the skills to succeed, and where other team members are falling short.
  • Create stronger partnerships between sales enablement and sales management. Scorecards provide a single, shared ‘pane of glass’ through which sales managers can more easily see how their teams are learning and performing. Managers can use those insights to collaborate with sales enablement teams and coach more effectively.
  • More easily demonstrate the impact and ROI of sales training programs. Scorecards are pre-built out-of-the-box for anyone to use. Users can set permissions to provide leadership teams with seamless access to the most relevant metrics, without the need to compile data from multiple spreadsheets, systems, and reports.

“The questions sales enablement professionals need to answer go beyond ‘Are our reps ready?’ The even more important question is, ’Are our readiness and enablement programs working?’” said Greg Keshian, Brainshark’s chief product officer. “Scorecards provide that clarity. Enablement leaders can discover which reps need help with certain parts of the sales process, and then build learning programs to address those areas for maximum impact. At the same time, sales managers have critical performance data at their fingertips that allows them to be better, more strategic coaches.”

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