Corporate Visions Replaces Live Marketing, Selling and Training Activities with On-Demand Brainshark Delivery for Measurable Improvement

"Sales and Marketing Consulting Leader Uses Brainshark Presentations to Boost Webcast Views by 256% and Improve Event Response Rates by 71%"

WALTHAM, Mass. - August 5, 2009 - Brainshark, Inc., a leader in on-demand presentations, today announced that marketing and sales consulting leader Corporate Visions, Inc., has documented significant improvements in its marketing, sales and training products and communications by replacing traditional live activities with on-demand Brainshark delivery. Specific improvements include webcast reach (256% increase in viewership through Brainshark), response rates on invitations to events (71% boost when using Brainshark vs. sales cold-calling) and enhanced sales training (86% of Corporate Visions customers rank Brainshark on-demand training as better than live/in-person sessions). Use of Brainshark has positively impacted Corporate Visions in all key facets, including pipeline growth, sales effectiveness and client satisfaction.

Prior to using Brainshark, Corporate Visions found that on average, only 27% of its webcast registrants actually attended the live events. By replacing these events with "instant webcasts" - in the form of pre-recorded Brainshark presentations - Corporate Visions has seen participation skyrocket to 96%, with interested parties able to view the Brainshark-powered webcasts immediately after registration. Brainshark's tracking and reporting capabilities also provide detailed information on viewing activity, helping Corporate Visions prioritize follow-up.

"By offering our webcasts as Brainshark presentations, we've been able to capture our prospects' interest when it's hottest - right when they decide to sign up for an event - which means they are more likely to look at that webcast because the reason they signed up for it is still fresh," said Tim Riesterer, CMO and SVP, strategic consulting, Corporate Visions.

Brainshark-powered event promotions have also transformed the way Corporate Visions generates attendance for its "Executive Insights" events, which introduce techniques for improving differentiation in companies' sales message creation and delivery. Corporate Visions has found that the use of a brief, quick-hitting e-mail from a sales person with a link to a three-minute preview of an executive event has improved response rates by 71%, compared to sales reps leaving voicemails or sending e-mail invitations.

"Our sales people tell me that on-demand presentations are the best sales tool marketing has ever created because they are seeing prospects open Brainsharks who never returned phone calls or replied to e-mails," Riesterer continued. "These improvements in our webcast and event activity have contributed to a significant increase in marketing's contribution to the sales pipeline."

Corporate Visions also recently leveraged Brainshark to transform its traditional two-day classroom-driven sales skills training course into an on-demand offering called Power Messaging® Virtual. In addition to supporting audio narration, Brainshark's platform enables Corporate Visions to incorporate attachments, videos, comprehension questions, interactive workbooks and more within the online virtual coaching. With companies cutting back on travel budgets and not wanting to take sales reps out of the field, these new online training courses provide effective - and cost-effective - instruction. In fact, according to Riesterer, 86% of Corporate Visions clients who participate in the program rate it better than any classroom course they've taken.

"With companies today seeking to reduce travel costs and time out of the field, and with employee time at a premium, Brainshark's online, on-demand presentations provide a high-impact, hassle-free and convenient way to communicate," said Brainshark CEO Joe Gustafson. "Corporate Visions exemplifies the impact that Brainshark can have across an organization, and the company's outstanding training modules and additional communications attest to the stickiness' and efficacy of on-demand content."

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Corporate Visions helps companies differentiate themselves from their competitors - where it counts, in their customer message. The Corporate Visions Customer Message Management™ system helps companies create, deliver and sustain messages in a way that creates a differentiated customer experience at the point of sale. Corporate Visions works with globally recognized companies, such as MasterCard, ADP, IBM, Volvo Trucks, CA and many more. Corporate Visions provides marketing and sales messaging, tools and training products and services. For more information contact us at or by calling 775.831.1322 or 800.360.SELL (US Only).

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