"Now, SlideShark Team Edition Users Can Access, Present and Broadcast Slide Decks From Anywhere – Whether on Their iOS Device, Computer or Windows 8 Tablet – and Track Viewing Activity"

"Now, SlideShark Team Edition Users Can Access, Present and Broadcast Slide Decks From Anywhere – Whether on Their iOS Device, Computer or Windows 8 Tablet – and Track Viewing Activity"

WALTHAM, Mass. — March 18, 2014 — Brainshark, Inc., the leader in cloud-based business presentations, today announced the launch of SlideShark Anywhere – extending key features and benefits of SlideShark to PC, Mac and Windows 8 tablet users. Previously available only on iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch), SlideShark now enables business professionals to instantly access, show and share up-to-date PowerPoints, and track presentation views and activity – whether they’re using their iOS device, computer or Windows 8 tablet. Available as part of the app’s business version, SlideShark Team Edition, SlideShark Anywhere maximizes SlideShark’s value for organizations whose sales teams and other presenters rely on multiple devices.

Since its launch two years ago, SlideShark has met explosive demand, with corporate and individual users across 150+ countries, 2.5 million downloads, and 6 million decks and 180 million slides uploaded to the service. Organizations worldwide, including NASA, Nerium International, Delta Dental, Australia’s Nine Network and more, rely on the solution to address PowerPoint’s incompatibility on the iPad – enabling users to show and broadcast decks the way they’re meant to be seen, and distribute and manage presentations in the cloud. Businesses also use SlideShark Team Edition to provide centralized access to timely, approved content, and track presentation views and activity – including who’s watching content/when, and also who’s presenting it (which deck, time spent on each slide and more), providing otherwise unattainable insights into sales activities and content usage.

Now, with SlideShark Anywhere, companies can give employees the flexibility to access approved presentations from one place and present them using the most convenient device at hand. And SlideShark’s extensive reporting – including data on shared and viewed content, decks presented, broadcast session attendees and more – is available, regardless of whether the presenter used a mobile device or computer.

“Our corporate users have been eager to have SlideShark available on multiple devices, and we’re very pleased to provide this functionality via Web browser through SlideShark Anywhere,” said David Klein, Brainshark’s vice president of product management. “Now, SlideShark Team Edition users who don’t have iPads, along with those who use multiple devices – and want to use their iPad on the road and PC at their desk, for instance – can access SlideShark presentations from a single location and take advantage of the app’s presentation features, analytics and other benefits.”

SlideShark Anywhere Features

SlideShark Anywhere is accessible directly from the SlideShark.com content catalog for SlideShark Team Edition subscribers. PC, Mac and Windows 8 tablet users can:

  • Access approved presentations from their Web browser (Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 and 11; Chrome; Firefox and Safari).
  • Easily navigate slides using the intuitive, Web-based interface. Arrow buttons and/or mouse clicks advance animations and slides.
  • Play presentations, full screen, during in-person meetings. A tray with slide thumbnails makes it easy to jump to previous or upcoming slides.
  • Broadcast presentations live over the Web and invite others to follow along. When broadcasting to remote attendees, users can access a presenter’s view – with an animation counter for each slide, and collapsible sections for speaker notes, slide thumbnails and broadcast information. Presenters receive data on who attended and how long, and which decks and slides were shown.
  • Easily switch between presenter view and full screen.
  • Click to share presentations and track viewing activity to see, for example, when prospect interest is hot.
  • Eliminate version control issues. When a presentation is updated, the latest copy is automatically pushed out to everyone with access to the deck – on any device. The new copy overrides the previous version, ensuring version control and message consistency.

To view a demonstration of SlideShark Anywhere, please see http://bit.ly/ss-anywhere. More information on SlideShark Team Edition, including how to sign up for a free, 30-day trial with access to SlideShark Anywhere, is available at http://www.slideshark.com/Products/For-Business.aspx.

About Brainshark

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