SlideShark Team Edition Helps Nerium International Equip Thousands of Representatives With Powerful Presentation Capabilities – Accessible on the iPad and iPhone

"Nerium Brand Partners Now Have Easy, Central Access to the Company’s PowerPoint Presentations, and Can View and Present Content Easily and Reliably From Any iOS Device"

WALTHAM, Mass. — November 7, 2012 — Brainshark, Inc., the leader in online and mobile presentations, today announced that Nerium International, a provider of leading skincare products, is using SlideShark Team Edition to support thousands of sales representatives, known as “brand partners.” SlideShark Team Edition is the multi-user version of SlideShark, Brainshark’s award-winning app for viewing and sharing PowerPoints on the iPad and iPhone. The app enables Nerium to provide globally dispersed brand partners with easy, on-the-go access to sales and training presentations that display properly and reliably on iOS devices – improving brand partners’ effectiveness in the field.

For Nerium’s hundreds of thousands of brand partners, delivering sales presentations on the company’s popular, age-defying skincare line is a critical part of their job. Brand partners are frequently on their mobile devices – in fact, Nerium rewards partners who meet certain sales goals with iPads. But the company was facing a problem that severely hindered its brand partners’ agility: the PowerPoints they relied on did not display correctly on the iPad, and the “wow-factor” of their powerful presentations subsequently fizzled.

To make the most of its iPad investments, Nerium was seeking a solution that would enable brand partners to view and deliver presentations the way they were meant to be seen. At the same time, and given its large, global network, Nerium wanted an easy way to manage content and ensure that partners were accessing only relevant, up-to-date and approved materials.                                                                           

Now, through its use of SlideShark Team Edition, Nerium is able to:

  • Improve presentation effectiveness. Brand partners can view and show presentations from an iPad (and even from an iPhone or iPod touch) with fonts, animations, graphics and colors intact. Partners can deliver presentations directly on their iOS device or, when in front of larger groups, by connecting it to a TV or projector.
  • Provide central, secure and permission-based access to sales and training presentations. With SlideShark Team Edition, brand partners no longer have to search for and cobble together content from disparate locations. The solution provides a central, secure place where partners can access and use the materials that are relevant to them.
  • Ensure messaging consistency. With such a large network of representatives, it had been difficult for Nerium to control how messaging and product details were being conveyed to prospective customers. Now, with SlideShark Team Edition, Nerium gives its brand partners access to ready-made, approved and up-to-date presentations – helping ensure that key messages and product information are being communicated consistently.
  • Easily manage and organize content. Nerium uses SlideShark Team Edition’s folder functionality to organize content so partners can quickly find what they need – by language, sales territory and product line.
  • Track content usage and effectiveness. SlideShark Team Edition’s advanced analytics make it possible for Nerium to see which presentations – and even which slides – are being used most often, when and by whom. The company can gauge presentation effectiveness, product popularity and sales activity levels.

Nerium is rolling out SlideShark Team Edition initially to 5,000 brand partners and – given the product’s ease of use and scalability – plans to add thousands more to the system. Already, partners have delivered presentations using SlideShark thousands of times.

“We count on our brand partners to truly be ambassadors for our brand, so it’s critical that we equip them with the tools they need to be successful,” said Trevor Scofield, Nerium’s senior vice president for global operations. “SlideShark enables them to ‘wow’ their audiences, and deliver presentations on our skincare products in a compelling, professional manner – conveniently and right from the iPads and iPhones they always carry. And from an administrative standpoint, we’re thrilled that SlideShark Team Edition allows us to instantly provide partners with timely, approved content and then measure its usage in the field.”

Scofield noted that feedback from brand partners has been positive and prolific. Partners have reported that SlideShark “changes the way we do business” and enjoy taking advantage of features including SlideShark’s iPhone remote control – as well as the “Laser Pointer” and “Presenter Mode” – to deliver truly powerful presentations.

“We’re pleased to be helping Nerium improve the effectiveness and impact of its sales presentations, and enable the company to gain greater insight into how and when content is being used,” said Andy Zimmerman, chief marketing officer at Brainshark. “As more and more business is conducted on-the-go, via mobile devices, we congratulate Nerium on the innovative way it’s equipping brand partners for success, and are glad we could help the company get the most from its iPad investments.”

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