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We're always working to find new and innovative ways to help sales organizations get better at what they do. That's the mission of Brainshark Labs.

Powering Sales Mastery Through Innovation

Brainshark Labs explores how the cutting-edge technology of today can help solve the sales effectiveness challenges of tomorrow.

Brainshark Labs

Brainshark, Microsoft, and the Sales Technology Revolution

Brainshark is innovating with Microsoft's cognitive services and mixed reality environments to streamline and accelerate sales coaching for B2Bs.

"There's a great synergy there with what Brainshark is doing around sales readiness, and what Microsoft is doing with its technology."

— Justin Hill, VP, Sales Engineering, Brainshark

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Brainshark and Microsoft Cognitive Services

With Microsoft’s cognitive services technology, Brainshark is innovating exciting new ways to power sales readiness and performance.

"It’s exciting to see our partners apply Microsoft technology in ways that can drive high-impact results related to sales readiness, productivity and revenue. We’re proud to collaborate with Brainshark, as they continue to help salespeople become better sellers."

— Hong Choing, director of ISV partner business, Microsoft

Inside the Brainshark and Microsoft Story

Brainshark and Microsoft Cognitive Services - Video