Flexential Case Study
Learn how Flexential Uses Video Coaching to Transform Sales Readiness for Customer-Facing Teams.
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PDI Case Study
Learn how PDI Keeps Reps and Customers Prepared and Compliant During COVID-19.
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OwnBackup Case Study
Learn how OwnBackup scaled onboarding and readiness to meet the demands of rapid growth.
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Abbott Structural Heart Case Study
Learn how Abbott Structural Heart Improved Sales Readiness and Coaching Amidst the Pandemic.
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Mindray Case Study
Learn how Mindray prepares its on-the-go sales team during the pandemic.
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Mammoth HR and ThinkHR Case Study
Learn how Mammoth HR and ThinkHR Deliver Critical Information for COVID-19 with Brainshark 
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Wrike Case Study
Wrike prepares reps with role-based onboarding, ongoing training and certifications, and video coaching.
Frontier Case Study
Learn how Frontier saved $175,000 by moving in-person onboarding to Brainshark.
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Scantron Case Study
Learn how Scantron leveraged video coaching and AI to prepare its distributed sales teams.
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