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10 Video Marketing Content Ideas that Anyone Can Use

Jan 21st, 2013

Coming up with new content ideas can be a challenge, especially for those new to content marketing.

10-video-marketing-content-ideas-anyone-can-useWhile video marketing has become one of the most popular content tactics for B2B companies, creating enough content to keep those strategies humming is still an uphill battle for many. You hear it all the time: “We plan to create more content, we just need to come up with some new ideas.”

The fact is, great content ideas are all around you if you take the time to notice them. For video in particular, different styles can often inspire a treasure trove of untapped coverage areas to take advantage of.

If you find yourself stuck in a content rut, here are 10 simple content ideas for video marketing that any business can benefit from.

#1. Feature demos

You’ve just released a new product or added a cool new feature. You’ve written the press releases, updated your site, wrote a blog post and shared it via a variety of channels. Now what? Well, why not put together a simple video presentation that demonstrates how your new feature works? If you’ve unveiled a whole new product, chances are you’ll be able to create videos for each new feature, leaving you with a host of new topics to add to your content calendar.

Demos like these can be shared with current customers and prospects during the sales cycle, or posted to YouTube to attract new audiences.

Check out our demos here. 

#2. Tips and how-tos

While feature demos are meant to be instructional, you can also extend that idea to more general topics that aren’t so “product-centric.” If you have a tip or idea that you think will help your audience perform better, than share it in a video.

You can even repurpose existing blog posts to create new video assets on the same topic. Remember, just because you’ve done something once, doesn’t mean you can’t do it again. Creating video how-tos will extend your knowledge and reach beyond your blog to folks who prefer to learn in different ways.

#3. Customer testimonials

Chances are, you’re already using and repurposing testimonials as part of your overall marketing strategy. But have you thought about using video to recreate them as well? You can interview satisfied customers to share their success stories, or even simply compile your best customer quotes to be used in a short presentation. This can help add an even more personal touch to testimonial content that you show to potential clients.

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#4. Value props

Product demos showcase your features and what they look like, but what about your value statement? You can create videos that introduce people to your company or products as well, focusing on the benefits they offer more than the nuts and bolts of how they work.

This content can be posted to your company website or used in email marketing campaigns for demand generation. You can even tailor them toward specific markets and verticals to reach more segmented audiences. For instance, here’s a Brainshark presentation we put together specifically for organizations in the healthcare industry.

#5. Webinar invites

Video is also a great way to promote registration for upcoming webinars and other events. You can even use the event speakers to add a personal touch to the invite, and include it in other promotional content and emails. For more details, here are some great tips for using online video to create an effective event invitation.

Check out Brainshark’s upcoming and on-demand webinars here.

#6. Expert Q&As

Not all of your content needs to come from you. Try tracking down other experts or influencers in your field and see if they’d be willing to sit down for a short Q&A video on a specific topic. Not only will this give you at least one new content asset, but it will help you build relationships with other thought leaders. Heck, they’ll probably even help promote it for you!

(For example, here are some simple “talking head” videos featuring yours truly. For each video, I take a few minutes to answer one question, resulting in three unique videos from one session.)

#7. Man on the street interviews

If you can’t lock down an expert to talk to, you can always take your camera and head out to talk to the masses, just like a broadcast journalist. Unlike most news stories, however, these videos tend to be lighter and more spontaneous. Our team recently staked out an Apple store in Boston to ask people about the different ways they use their iPads, and the results were highly entertaining.

This is also an effective tactic to use when attending industry events, where you can approach attendees or even expert presenters for short video insights on relevant topics.

#8. Video infographics

You already know that graphical infographics are valuable content marketing assets. They get shared like crazy, and people love them. But why stop there? You can take all that data and imagery and repurpose it into a cool video infographic as well. Once again, this content can be used in both inbound and direct marketing strategies to help extend the reach of your message.

#9. Whiteboards

You’ve no doubt scene these before, and they are a great tool for visual storytelling. There’s more than one way to create a cool whiteboard marketing video, but the simplest ones only require a dry-erase marker and a camera. When done well, content like this can be very popular (this one from The RSA has over 9 million views, for example).

#10. Holiday greetings

I know, I know – the holiday season just ended. But hey, it’s never too late to start thinking about next year, right? A holiday greeting is a great way for companies to make stronger connections with existing customers, and video is an excellent tool for creating content that truly makes a difference. It’s also incredibly easy to do. Here are some easy steps to putting together a holiday video greeting that will stand out from the masses.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of video marketing content ideas to choose from, but this is hardly a complete list. Do you have any other ideas for creating cool, unique video content? Sound off in the comments and let us know!