A Shark Think Tank for Best Practices

August 18, 2008 | Pat Kelly
A Shark Think Tank for Best Practices

One of the most frequent requests I hear from clients is, "Do you have any Best Practices to make our presentations more effective?" As the Director of Customer Success, I take this question very seriously and as a Software as a Service (SaaS) Company, Brainshark does as well. The answer is in fact, "Yes". Over the past 8+ years we have gathered many best practices and have incorporated this content into a series of Best Practice tutorials. We decided that not only is it valuable for us to assimilate and distribute this material, but it would be of great advantage to all users if you - the Brainshark user community could have a place to share and comment on best practices.

So....Welcome to the Brainshark Best Practice Blog. Our goal is to provide a forum where we can learn from one another and discuss the best practices around such topics as: images, audio, slide design, presentation mapping, reporting and evaluation, animations, graphics, attachments, questions, video, podcasting and anything else about which you might inquire. We will provide this Shark Think Tank and we invite you to jump in and share your thoughts, experiences and methods of success (or failure) so that together we will develop the best practices for communicating efficiently and effectively.

The first item I would like to share with you is that we recently held a 'SharkTale contest'. A SharkTale, (in case you do not already know) is a success story. We asked you to share stories where Brainshark either helped you communicate successfully or helped you be more successful in your job.  The response was tremendous.  We received over 100 SharkTales.  We have posted the winning entries.  If you are looking for a Sharktastic example of how people are using Brainshark to be successful then please take a moment to visit our Customer List and take a look.  Then come on back here and let us know what you think.

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