Using Video in Brainshark

Using Video in Brainshark
April 10, 2009
  • Do you have a library of old corporate videos and need a way to repurpose them?

  • Are you creating product demo's using screen capture tools and looking for a better way to add your voice and distribute them?

Why not use Brainshark to host your video files? You can easily add video to an existing Brainshark presentation, or just upload a video file to create a new Brainshark. It's as simple as choosing the new 'Upload Video' link under the Things You Can Do menu.


With our February release, we announced support for FLV videos in addition to our existing support for SWF videos. What does this mean? If you upload videos in these formats we can play them right in the Brainshark player. That means your viewers can easily pause or play the video, and advance and rewind to points in the file.  

You may also continue to upload alternative video types. These however will attempt to play using a video player on the viewer's computer. We are actively working to enhance our video support so that we can accept any common format and play it in our flash player. More to come!

For more information, check out our best practices for using video.


p.s.  In case you didn't hear, we increased our file upload limit to 100MB in our March release.  So what are you waiting for?  Let's get those videos "Brainsharked" today!