Completion Criteria: The Greatest Little Feature You Never Knew You Had!

September 09, 2009 | Kristin Simonini
Completion Criteria: The Greatest Little Feature You Never Knew You Had!

ot taking advantage of Brainshark's completion criteria?  Why not?!   It's easy to set a minimum bar of how much audio your viewing audience is required to listen to, how many slides they must view, as well as what score they must achieve on examination questions.   Authors can easily set completion criteria right from the Presentation Properties tab.

So now that we're all excited about completion criteria - let me tell you about how we've made it even better!  We now offer a completion indicator that can be displayed on the Brainshark player, so your viewing audience is aware of their progress.  You can even choose to share with them the details of their progress, either by making the new indicator a link to a summary of their completion status, or by using our branching feature to link to their results when complete.  

We invite you to check out these great updates available on September 11 (as well as a shiny new 'Users by Folder' report) by viewing the following Brainshark:


Enjoy the updates - and keep that feedback coming!


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