Announcing myBrainshark Pro-providing privacy and advanced tracking

Announcing myBrainshark Pro-providing privacy and advanced tracking
April 5, 2010
Today marks a major milestone in myBrainshark's evolution with the announcement of myBrainshark Pro. This new offering enables myBrainshark users to add privacy and advanced tracking options to their online presentations. myBrainshark Pro is geared toward individuals and small businesses looking to deliver multimedia communications in an even more targeted, measurable and effective way.

There are 6 powerful new features that distinguish myBrainshark Pro - any or all of which can be applied to a myBrainshark presentation for just $9.99/month per presentation. These features include:

  • Share presentation privately

  • Apply password protection

  • Add a "guestbook" (i.e. registration form) that appears before or after viewing

  • Apply a tracking code to create personalized URL's so you can identify viewers without a guestbook

  • Receive "view receipts" - email notifications with viewing details sent immediately after your presentation is viewed

  • Access a viewing detail report online, downloadable in PDF format

So why might you want or need these features?  Lead generation is one major reason. Compliance is another.  Whether you share links to your presentations via email or social media, wouldn't you like to know who's watching them, so you can follow-up effectively?  A guestbook is one way, or you can use unique tracking codes - which you can add manually or via "mail merge" with an email marketing system.  And there's no limit to the number of leads you can collect; you simply pay a flat low monthly fee per presentation regardless of the number of views your presentation receives or names you gather.

Meanwhile, your marketing presentations or content for sale may be appropriate for public consumption, but you may have content you'd prefer to share only with specific audiences.  This could include training content for employees, partners or customers, for example. Designating a presentation as "private" will remove it from the searchable myBrainshark catalog.  A viewer would need to have the URL to be able to access the presentation. And for an added level of security you can even add a password.

For more information on myBrainshark Pro pricing and features (and to sign up), visit:

Please also have a look at today's press release, and read my interview with Geetesh Bajaj from about the new offering.