Online video made easy. No camera required...

April 20, 2010 | Andy Zimmerman
Online video made easy. No camera required...

The use of online videos has certainly taken off in the last few years.  It's hard to believe, but YouTube has only been around since 2005.  And it's thanks to YouTube that we've all seen our share of silly pet videos. But it's not just about dogs catching frisbees; businesses of all kinds and sizes are creating and posting videos online at a dizzying pace.  Why? Because video or "multi-media" content is more impactful than text or images alone...not to mention it's a phenomenally efficient way to transmit information. Our brains simply absorb information faster and retain it longer when it's delivered in an audio-visual format.  So if a business wants to communicate important information - whether it's to market its products or to deliver training, for example - video makes a lot of sense.

YouTube, however, has led us to believe we all need to be professional actors (or have deep pockets to hire professional actors) to produce effective online videos.  After all, we've all seen LOTS of remarkably bad videos, not to mention bad videography.  But that's not the case.  myBrainshark, of course, lets you upload static content you already have (such as PowerPoint slides, documents, or photos) and turn it into high impact, multimedia content and online presentations (i.e. videos).  No camera required!  myBrainshark also supports animations in your PowerPoint slides which help make your content more dynamic. And, for the utmost convenience (especially for the technically challenged), it lets you record your audio by phone. 

Once you've created your online videos with myBrainshark, you're ready to share them with whomever you'd like. Grab the link and share it by email or post it to social networking sites.  Even better, grab the "embed code" so you can place your myBrainshark videos right in your website or in your blog.  Don't get left behind! Anyone can create an effective online video these days...even if you're not Brad or Angelina.

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