Content from Brainshark [Webinar Replay]

August 26, 2010 | Irwin Hipsman
Content from Brainshark [Webinar Replay]

The second in our August series of 30-minute webinars actually lasted 30 minutes! Click here to view the 20-minute edited replay. In our discussions at User Group meetings we heard from administrators of Brainshark sites that they wanted materials to promote the use of Brainshark at their company.  To make it easier to share presentations, all customers sites have been enabled to peer into a secure folder in Brainshark’s corporate site and choose from a handful of high-quality presentation to send out internally. Two of the presentations now available to share are the Brainshark Story and How to Brainshark It!

The technology behind this effort is our patent-pending Channel Solution Network which includes:

Brainshark Trusted Networks™ - Publish content to your distribution channel and enable partners to instantly access, view and share presentations from their own network sites.

Content Syndication - Protect your content for message and brand consistency, while your updates are reflected everywhere your content has been shared.

Personalization - Enable your partners to personalize content with an introduction and closing and co-branding of the viewing experience, while keeping your core message and brand intact.

Multi-level tracking and reporting – You know how well your content is working and which of your partners are most engaged, while your distributors have the information they need to take action and drive sales.

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